Live from the stand - 2023


Had this little guy at eight yards!

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Saw four bucks so far, three youngsters and one really nice one. All doing rutting buck things!

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I wound up seeing a doe, a nubbin, a small buck, and a three year old this morning before the wind started to shift too much in an easterly direction. The wind was marginal as it was and more easterly was just taking too much of a chance to get busted. I’ve made it a point the last several years to not get busted from scent and it has let me hunt two or three days in a row and still see deer. I got out before noon, had lunch with my lease mates at the local convenience store/grill, and came home. I don’t have a stand anywhere that’s good on an east wind because we get them so seldom. I’ll just wait on a good wind before I hunt again. I was ready to let blood though ! My best friend killed two coyotes and two hogs yesterday. He got a twofer on the hogs when one got behind the other. It seems that a 180 grain bullet from an ‘06 will penetrate more than one 80 lb. pig !

My food plot looks good too !IMG_2301.jpeg
Deer were moving this afternoon, even in the heat. Left everything in the tree and I’ll be back out in the morning before work.
Just looking at his face, he looks old and accomplished ! Tips of both main beams broken off, I imagine you made some other bucks happy.
I think you are right Drycreek. Here lately I wasn’t hardly ever seeing any other bucks besides him on the cameras. I bet things return to normal pretty soon now.
Tonight I'm watching a rye and turnip plot that's not very nice but we've been seeing some very nice deer here. Just like real-estate, the three most important things that a buck is looking for in a food source is "location location location", and several respectable citizens seem to have moved into this lower class neighborhood.20231115_145158.jpg
I’m doing some coyote hunting this morning, and our rut is far from over. I’ve seen a 5 year old and 4 year old out moving. The 5yo is acting insane. He first came out in one of my shooting lanes and has since walked into the middle of a bean field and has been wandering around in the open for 30 minutes. I’ve never seen a mature buck act so crazy - except maybe on television.
I pulled my cards today and had this pic of a buck I passed while hunting over the plot pictured in post #83. IF he lives, and IF he hangs around, he’ll be a pretty nice buck next year. 11100426.jpeg
I was a-live in the stand this morning but my food plot was dead ! I had to pee about 9:30 and cracked the back door to tend to business. As I sat back down I saw a half dozen hogs run across the bottom of my plot. I know they didn’t smell me, don’t think they saw me, they don’t see that well. Oil company is blading the lease roads ndxt door, and I think he possibly ran them over here. Dang it, one of them was a big boar !