Live from the Stand 2022


Light rain ending at dark 55F

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Just back from my annual trip to TX with my boys. Arrows flew true and we had some success. It was nice to escape the upstate weather for some TX warmth. Already looking forward to next year:).

Not judging just honestly curious, How much does a Hunt with that kind of success cost?

$8,000-10,000 per man?

I looked into one once a LONG time ago and it was around $6,000 just to go and then the Size of Buck Taken was added onto it.
Not judging just honestly curious, How much does a Hunt with that kind of success cost?

$8,000-10,000 per man?

I looked into one once a LONG time ago and it was around $6,000 just to go and then the Size of Buck Taken was added onto it.

It depends on the particular ranch and amenities. We paid nothing close to those amounts and had great accommodations, meals and service. I’ve hunted 7 or 8 different places within a few hours of DFW. I ended up becoming friends with a local taxidermist who knows all the local ranches who offer hunting. He has made multiple arrangements for us over the years. He’s become a true friend which helps. In fact, I hosted him on a Montana hunt this year. Some places provide accommodations and or meals, some offer nothing but access. Similarly, some have packages which make things more attractive. We’ve had a great time everywhere when it was based upon a positive reference. My favorite place changed hands and the new owners have ruined something really special.
I did not do the live hunt yesterday or today, which is good, because all I saw yesterday morning was a big nasty boar hog. It took all of my restraint to keep from killing him, but I haven’t fired a shot at a deer this season and I was deer hunting. I had borrowed my son’s CVA Wolf .50 caliber muzzleloader because I haven’t fired my Encore in years and didn’t know if my pellets were still good. I’ve heard that they can deteriorate over time, so I didn’t want to chance it.

The wind was great for my home place this morning and I haven’t sat that stand in over a week so I was in about thirty minutes before daylight. I saw a deer very early that even with binos I couldn’t tell the sex. An hour or so later several members of a doe group came trotting into my wheat plot and began to get closer to me. The wind this morning was on and off. When it blew, my scent was going behind me, but when it stopped, I know my scent was sliding downhill toward the wheat. Everything was great, I looked over all the does and one button buck………and the wind stopped. One youngster got nervous, lifted her tail and that made the rest of them nervous ! They began to mill around, and I’ve been there and done that, so I got the Wolf up, saw one decent doe was broadside, settled the crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. When the smoke cleared, she was laying where she had stood ! I was using Powerbelt bullets and two White Hot pellets. The bullet hit her spine in the high shoulder exactly where I had aimed. That’s only the second animal in my life that I’ve shot with a gun I’d never fired before, but my son won’t have a gun that won’t shoot and I knew it would be on the money.

I’m no longer skunked !67528745-9895-4139-8897-E54CCB5810C5.jpeg
Well dang I actually got to go hunt this year.

SIL and I went up for this last week of the season. Neither of us had been up since last year.

First sit the night we got here I had two groups come by. Button Buck and a set of Does.

Changed spot this morning and have found Scrapes and Rubs all over our trail to the bottom. Usually one of two but nothing like this year.

I stopped to Pee this morning and kicked out a boot sized spot and let her fly.

Came back past it this afternoon and I should of stayed there! Ripped up into a 2x3 ft Scrape.

Stopped to set for the afternoon noon about halfway between the scrapes. See what happens.





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Saw Zero yesterday. But did find a stretch rooted up by what looked like Pigs. That’s a first for us. Never had them before.

SIL went down there today to see if he could shoot one.

I’ve never seen so many Scrapes as we have found this year. All over and some are Huge!

The neighbor on our west side cut his pines, that may have something to do with it. Might of pushed some Bucks our way.

Have yet to lay eyes on them though and my cameras all got trashed through the storms since last year. Figured I would be back up after shooting my Archery Buck but didn’t and then Life tossed me curve balls all Summer n Fall.

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Yes! Success!!

Out of the stand where I found the scrapes on the trail beside, my SIL took a real nice for our place Buck.

High Rack with 6-Points.

He lost the blood and I went to assist. Last Blood for about 30 yards or so then I spotted a pile.

Buck was tucked in the brush close by.

Super Happy for him.




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