Live from the stand - 2023

I’ll be hunting with glasses at the Massey this evening. Hoping the bigger fellas will come out a little earlier than last week and CLOSER!
I went up to my hunting cabin this past weekend to see if these new knees would cooperate and let me climb my ladder stands. To my great surprise and delight I had no problems climbing up or down. Now to continue trimming shooting lanes.
Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. “Cold” front moved through - temps dropped into the 80s, low humidity, perfect East wind. Phone starts buzzing at 6:50ish - my wife and almost 2 year old son locked themselves out of the house. Doh!

By the time I was out of the stand and locking up the gate, I had seen 13 deer and 5 turkeys. It was destined to be a special sit. Oh well.

PS Almost every buck she’d velvet between 8/20 and 8/23.
Interesting morning. Had a coyote to chase a doe and fawn in a shooting lane, but too far away for me to shoot yote. Ten minutes later a young buck standing in the same spot eating tender stuff growing back from where I mowed. Also two more young bucks just devouring the tops of partridge pea. Does all around in every direction. A few days ago I saw two nice 140 class bucks from here - but not ones I would shoot this year.

PS - I’m not hunting my best bow spot today. I’m waiting for when the time and wind is right.
Was up to my cabin Monday and mowed all the trails and my clover plot. I had finished mowing the clover and mowed out one trail that looped around and re- entered the clover from another direction I was back to clover in about 10 minutes and there were already 3 deer in there already eating the mowed clover. Our trail cams showed us all of our bucks are still in velvet but most deer are already in their winter coats? Early winter coming???
I did a little mowing myself the last few days, trails, roads, and food plots. My a/c started blowing warm today about noon so I hung it up. Can’t live in that cab without a/c when it’s 100* outside. Called my a/c guy and he can’t get to me until Monday. ☹️
Deer in the pic is a mature 8 point but I’m not hunting him. He just worked a cedar where I shot my deer last year. 150 yds away right now.

I must be blind…
Well, he was so far away all that you can see in the pic is a light spot in the shooting lane. I had the luxury of field glasses to get a good look at him. It’s one of the bigger 8 points I’ve been posting pics of in my habitat thread.

But - I can hit a quarter with my 300 mag from that distance....;)
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