Live from the Stand 2022

Hunting the big meadow pictured above. This guy came in chasing a doe in and out of the woods. He paused at 250yds and the 270wsm did its thing. He dropped at the shot. Although he was our #3 buck, the moment was right. For our lousy soils/genetics, this is a good deer. Here is a before and after:5DE317E3-0D99-4C29-8CDF-4647AAF3BFE8.jpeg9305F28C-01BF-4818-8D24-11505DE14DE8.jpeg
Just shot my target buck (4x1)! Cruising late morning. 25 yard shot, only made it 30 yards!


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Just had a nice doe come in from my left, circle behind me, all the way around me, and finally head back the way she came. She knew something was up as she stopped and tried to work it out for a few minutes when she hit my track. The good news is she never spooked.

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Rained all day yesterday, off and on, wind got right this morning so I sat with my great grandson out back of the house. I think we had a fawn trying to be a big girl because we had lots of activity. The deer were always moving though so I never had a good shot at a doe that was still. It was a good morning nevertheless, and I’m taking a short break and will be back at it this afternoon.
Well, opening morning of rifle which was over a week ago now I sat at home on our south plot listening for any racket along our north fence because my dozer was parked back there with 2 cellular cams trained on it. No activity other than some does hanging around the dozer. Between a little tree work, dozer work, and some more posted signs I will see if the message was gotten. I moved the dozer a little further from the fence at noon and loaded my little truck up and drove south an hour to our deer lease. I have been down here ever since except I went home on Wednesday night and spent Thanksgiving with family and then headed right back down. Actually had 3 shooters on camera down here but the 14 year old son of one of our members got 1 and the other 2 have been MIA for about 4 days now and may be dead as well because I have heard a lot of shooting on both sides of the relatively narrow strip I have been hunting that is about 1/4 mile wide with another lease on one side and a bunch of 2-5 acre homestead parcels all along the other. I am back on stand up on the ridge in a different area right now with my new 45-70. I did get to take out a coyote yesterday evening which helped some. Going in tonight and taking my laundry and gonna re stock and come back tomorrow night. Supposed to be super windy and 71 tomorrow and then Wednesday everything switches and will only be low 40’s and a wind switch with the wind lightening up throughout the day. Good luck to all who are still Buckless at this point!
Well I had a nice 8 pointer in front of me for about 10 minutes this evening but I thought...he will be really nice next year...home for the night and headed back down tomorrow night...
I’m back at my lease this morning. I had a shooter in my wheat shortly after I got in. I could see him fairly well with binos but not with my scope. Didn’t matter much as he walked out about two minutes before legal shooting time and about ten minutes before I’m comfortable shooting with my goobered up right eye. DAMMITBOY !C504191D-D765-4CC5-B8F3-01ACF772619D.jpeg




Target 4x2 cruised by around 930 this morning. I shot him at roughly 25 yards and he only made it another 30 before piling up in sight.

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Identifying your target buck then only hunting that specific deer until you get him is can often be very difficult and separates the men from the boys. Truly the mark of a real deer hunter!