Evolution of a food plot


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This food plot started out at about a quarter acre with several large red oaks in it. I mainly just planted wheat in the fall and ran a corn feeder from September until February or March. I got tired of dodging trees while planting and seeing half a deer behind them so a few years ago I took them out and turned them into firewood. I left a hickory tree to hang my camera on beside my feed pen. (Got to pen feeders here unless you want hogs camping out under them) Last season as I was sitting in my blind I’m thinking “why am I still dodging that pen and that hickory tree” ? So……when I got ready to plant this spring I pulled the pen and the empty feeder and stacked them out of the way. Before I plant this fall that hickory is gonna be smoking wood for my son if he wants it. I cleared an area to the N of my plot to put the feeder in and trimmed the trees and brush in front of my blind so I could see the new location. The plot is now approaching 3/4 of an acre. I think I’m gonna like this better !IMG_3422.jpegIMG_1837.jpeg