Undecided, but leaning !😁

Patience is not my long suit Grizzz, but I’ll check for signs of germination in a couple weeks.

Jack, I don’t think I’ll have any predation, that plot was thick ! It’s probably right up there with the best plots I’ve ever grown. If the hogs find it, that may be another story. Their sense of smell is at least as good as deer, probably better, it will just depend on if they pass through. They don’t frequent this side of the lease as much as the west side, but who knows.
I have been planting food plots yesterday and today with the help of my best friend and hunting partner. We planted two on our lease and one at my place. This was done the conventional way, spray, wait, disc, plant and fertilize, and drag. I hope to transition to the plant, fertilize, and crimp method eventually on all plots. These were planted in a Green Cover blend augmented wit IC peas, buckwheat, and sunflowers. We’ll see what they do. Top two are the lease, bottom one is mine at home.
IMG_2830.jpegIMG_2831.jpegIMG_2829.jpegWe checked on our plots at the lease this morning and I was pleasantly surprised ! To tell the truth, I really didn’t know what to expect. I got a pretty good termination on the rye and turnips, although I do have some rye coming up from the original stalks. Summer heat will take care of that. The clovers, as Rusty said, came through pretty well unscathed. The real surprise was how tall the new plants are. I have IC peas 4”/5” tall and buckwheat 6”/8” tall. Got pretty good coverage too. All in all, I’m very satisfied with it and it’s so much easier than spraying and discing. I’m almost envious of you guys that have drills, although for my small plots there’s no way I can justify it. Thanks to everyone that encouraged me to be patient and offered advice !
IMG_2833.jpegIMG_2835.jpegIMG_2834.jpegHere are the two plots planted the conventional way. Probabl took me three times as long to plant these two small plots than it did to plant the one that I crimped. It’s about .65 acres and these two would stretch to be a quarter acre each.
In the long run, the first set of plots will be better for your soil and plants. Looking very good!
IMG_0754.jpegIMG_0751.jpegI pity you. I'm glad we don't have that problem yet. Looks to me like the makings for bacon!
My buddy killed this one last Friday. A 12 gauge slug makes an awesome exit wound ! We are about to move a trap in there as soon as I get one more plot planted. Rain has been hurting our efforts. We got another inch and three quarters yesterday and last night.