Live from the stand 2021

It was in the 70’s for a high on the opener and climbing back into the 80’s Monday. The mountains definitely offer shelter from ridiculous summer heat.

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It’s 76F this afternoon, 60 tonight. Average weather here.


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Bow opener here in Oklahoma as I post this from my recliner. Wind is all wrong for our property so I am sitting it out...hopefully I can get our camper ready and take it back to the deer lease real soon because I got back on it this year just for south wind occasions like this. It’s gonna be another 80+ degree day here...
Ah and so it begins.......

Spent two weekends at the NHHC Lease and set new Blinds on Quad Leg Stands, Moved the Tripod Stand to a nice Thicket I found last year with a Beautiful Scrape Line running through it, Set a 2-Man Ladder Stand on another Thicket with a Scrape Line and where I cane see over the "ridge top" onto the Flat above, Set Three Barrels out for Feeders (removed the bases if you remember those and Ratchet Strapped them to Trees or Poles), Filled said Barrels with Corn, Clean out the Shooting Lanes that had grown over, and All Is Ready.

Will miss the Opening Weekend so I can Hunt 3-4 Days the Following Week/Weekend instead of 1 1/2 on Opening Weekend.

Hope to be adding to this Thread soon.
That’s a nice view. What’s the longest shot you ever made from there?

Thanks deer patch. All of our shots on whitetails have been less than 250 yards so far, but last year I took out a yote right at 300 yds with the Hankin's Muzzleloader in the two-day October Muzzleloader season. I think that is the longest shot we have made from this blind. I would be willing to shoot a little further on whitetails, but we haven't needed to yet.
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