Live from the stand 2021

Cut - Congrats on an early, very nice buck! Enjoy your solitude in AK. I was up there in June fly fishing for a week.

Love those massive vine trunks behind the buck. it just me or do the eye guards look totally different on the buck on the ground and the one in velvet? May just be the camera angle but the velvet buck looks like one eye guard is several inches longer than the other...
Congrats; excellent deer. And, the photo of him at the old corn pile is a nice companion piece should you decide to secure a mount.
Enjoy your trip and good luck!
Congrats cutman! You always get everybody pumped with your early season hunts.

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Sat tonight for the first time since opening day. Saw 14 total - all does and fawns. They went back and forth from the sawtooth acorns to a 2.7 acre summer plot that still has some peas and beans. Also shot 4 doves before getting in the stand. Pretty much a perfect afternoon.
Live from what we call the condo. 6x8 box stand on a crossroad.

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Good job ! We’ve had some unusually cool mornings here too but the thermometer still finds the lower 90s in the afternoons. Hoping for some rain next week because it’s drier than a popcorn fart.