Aja the tracking German Shepherd


Did not teach this 5 year old dog any of her amazing skills, and obedience, last year I didn't let her go with me in the woods, ( to recover deer) I shoot from my front and back porches, I live on 12 acres of land, 2/3rds woods, 1/3 small fields,I have cut shooting lanes like the dial of a clock around them, my further est shot 300 yds my shortest 75 yds, this year my first buck was a 6 pointer, still in velvet, offy front porch, Aja my 115 lb European German Shepherd, very tentative and alert, watching my every move, as I squeezed the trigger on this deer, she bolts off the porch and straight to the corn pile, the deer I thought was in his 100 yd dash, it turned out to be about 30, when I got there Aja was going nuts, biteing and pulling on its neck and rear end, I asked I what she was doing, and back to work she went, the day after Thanksgiving a really nice buck all the way down on my 300 yd corn pile, couldn't count the points on his rack, I could see them, Aja, she's at the ready, sitting anticipating the loud crack of my trusted 30-06, shooting Federal Fusion 180 grain lead, my bi-pod down sock under the stock, didn't want to miss this one, aimed just shy of the back front shoulder, slightly higher than half of the deer, safety off red is dead, I sent the round down range, before the smoke clears I see Aja full speed across the field and down the shooting lane, now I'm walking there I see her nose to the ground, and she disappears to the right the way the deer was facing, I thought oh no it ran, as I get to the shot place, I look to my right and I see my girl nose to the ground and following the blood trail that really didn't become that noticeable for about 20 yds, I see my dog going back n forth, anxiously and crying, when I got to her it was a fence, she couldn't get over it, luckily a tree had fallen across it a ways down and she was back in the trail, by this time we are a good 250 yds away from the shot place, I'm thinking damn this deer has gone this far from my most reliable accurate rifle???, Another 100 yds and there is a huge brush, overgrown Vines, really thick, Aja ran around it twice, then on the back side she is back n forth nose in the air, about that time she busts through the thick vines and bushes, wasn't but a few seconds and the same growling high pitch barks started, so I went in, and there he was a beautiful 8 point buck, legs folded up under his chest and belly, head laying on the ground like he was taking a nap, if weren't for my new found obviously skilled tracking dog this deer would have been Lost, what a truly incredible dog, Aja
I think it's going to be fun and interesting to see and meet new people who hunt and enjoy the outdoors with all the different experiences and stories on this site, I've got many, from snake bites, to a 300 lb hog, coyotes a bunch of true crazy stories