2019 Live from the Stand

Sitting at a stand I call Two Guns with my oldest daughter (I wish she was my blood). I am beyond excited to take this girl hunting. She killed a nice buck the year before last for her first deer. We're trying to repeat today. We're getting into what I call the November lull. Temps are too warm to make deer move and they've been pressured already (not on my property). These older does know it's hunting season. We shall see. Wish us luck.
Eli put the hammer to a 130 lb dressed basic 8 with a couple extra points around the bases to make it a 10...we will take better pics in the morning!

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Congrats Eli!! Nice one

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View attachment 17594 View attachment 17595 View attachment 17596 Lots of activity on this thread tonight. Congrats to Eli !

Good luck Emma, it’s just a matter of time !

I finally got a chance tonight on a new buck that we’ve had on camera since the last week in October. I think this buck is only 3.5, but y’all are welcome to opine. He came in just ten minutes before dark, hence the not-so-good pics. I couldn’t pass him up on 80 acres knowing he probably wouldn’t be a “home” buck.

Dang fine deer congrats

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Not Live and actually back home.

Was able to take my First Florida Doe Saturday night half hour before dark.

Knew it was a good hit and lots of blood for the first 10-15 yards. Then the trouble began. It had rained for two hours during the afternoon and everything was wet. All those leaves with red spots on them looked just like blood.

Couldn’t tell unless you wiped it with your finger and looked to see if it was blood or water on red spots.

Trouble was by wiping the blood you removed the sign. Lost it all together.

Call the Tracker Group and all was already on Tracks. Two said they could help in the morning.

Call the closest in the morning and she showed with three of her trained dogs. Was something to see I tell you. No more than got to the hit site and one was off of the trail.

I knew the deer had ran to the Right and that was the area I had searched both at night and already that morning, and the Dog did the same— but then did a switch back and ran a different way- right to the deer.

I was as close as 40-60 yards away but it was on the other side of a brush row and I never saw it.

Coyote had found it but only took out some of the exit front shoulder. All the rest was untouched and fine.


My Tracker and her dogs.


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Just realized I didn’t close my hunt - didn’t see anything. I am hoping the weather moving she n will trigger some action or the secondary rut.
Well...we had a small buck come in a bit after 4:00 and he got really nervous and left so I told my wife that 2 of us this close in 2 tree stands is just too much for this far into rifle season so I got down and went back south to the stand that overlooks the head of the hollow. I could make out some deer in the plot through the naked trees but couldn’t tell how many or what sex but the stand I was in is not for watching the plot. When it got so dark I could barely see I got down and went to get my wife down and as soon as she was on the ground I whispered to her and asked if she saw anything. She told me another little buck came and was there till almost dark...about that time we both heard a big deer walking away in the leaves and she said “oh yeah, another deer walked up but I couldn’t see it”. We took off walking to get away from that area so I could question her better and she told me she heard a big deer coming and the little buck got nervous and left pretty abruptly and the deer walking up stopped just out of her vision. She said right after that is when I walked up and I guess the deer was still standing there. We are not sure which one it was but she said it sounded heavy....