2019 Live from the Stand

Nothing... just a yote that we couldn’t get a shot at. Seems like back to normal for us here. Back to the house for lunch and a look at this evenings hunt.
We didn’t see anything after the does got our wind this morning. Came back home and grandson is taking a nap to get ready for round 2 this afternoon. Going back into the woods and hunt out of ladder stands...woot woot
Hunt before rain this morn. Took wheel bow as stand sits edge steep ravine and don’t trust me w recurve on that shot. 17 deer no shooters.
Headed to Thanksgiving dinner. That side of family all rifle hunters, they don’t understand I’ve shot 3 of my best bucks Sat before rifle.
And I was a rich kid cause I had army surplus pants to wear over my jeans back in the day. Of course they were a 44 in waist and I weighed 130 wet.

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We are back at it! Deep woods...shooter was here at noon per cam.

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I'm am in complete awe!!! If I were to stand out like that I'd have a parade of deer coming by and laughing at me. Y'all need to introduce some southeastern schizophrenic genetics into your herd.
We're back at it. Watched a wad of turkeys along with a couple does and fawns this morning. Had a spike come by. We are hunting for horns but Emma wants to beat her daddy's best of 3pts for her first buck. We have affectionately named this spot Emma's Plot since she informed me we don't have a place named after her.

Plots are starting to green up. Most everyone else around me are hurting. They planted Labor Day and we went 30 days without rain and the ones who plots did make it are tall and fibrous. Me personally I find between the cooler temps and the deer browse it keeps my plots low and growing which I think the deer like. There's always something growing here in the south. We're suppose to have another week of 60-70 degree weather which will be perfect for these plots to jump on up. There's been a nice 8pt showing himself pretty regular in the evening. Wish us luck.
Rained all day in western NC. 40mph wind forecasted for tomorrow morning and 31F. Peak rut out here though so I’ll be in the woods.

Tree umbrella, best $10 I ever spent.

I definitely need Pre sets for the rut. Bumbling around the woods with sticks or a hand drill in November isn’t the best plan.

Saw one doe this afternoon as I was drilling a tree about half way up. I’m not in love with my hand drill but it works. Should have drilled these trees back in August though.



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