Nebraska floods


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I just wanted to check in and say to my fellow nebraskans on here I hope you are all ok. River reached 11ft over flood stage this weekend, 6ft over the all time record, and the other river was 6ft over, I'm in between the two. Never thought I'd see this day, I had time to get my trucks to higher ground but the water came in so fast. Our farm may be a total loss but my house and parents house survived some of my familes houses did not. Spent all day saturday and sunday in waste deep ice water trying to chase cattle over the overpass. Collapsed on sunday morning, lost all feeling in my legs, driveways are gone, roads are gone, access to food and gas is gone. Havnt slept in days. The amount of destruction, loss of human and animal life, structures, highways ect is beyond imagination but we are all ok and I hope everyone else is too. If your from nebraska please check in on here and keep me posted. I have no way to get anywhere at this point but when I can if there is anything I can do, let me know. Prayin for everyone and hope you are all safe as well!
So sorry to see and hear what y’all are going through. If there is ANYTHING we (the Forum or my family) can do to help, please let me know.
So sorry for you guys. I've been hearing a little about it on the news and my wife's family is from ND and they're suffering something similar although not as bad as y'all are. Prayers for your safety and recovery.
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My wife’s family is right in the middle of the NE floods. Extremely devastating.

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Having just bulldozed the remnants of my parents beach house from the hurricane, I feel your pain. Glad to hear you are safe! Water is a very powerful thing
Terrible stuff for you guys. Having dealt with ravaging floods in these hills I know its a disheartening thing and can take years to recover the losses. Good luck and stay safe.
Thanks everyone, still hoping everyone else is ok. Finally got out a little today, the roads are insanely damaged, giant sink holes, there is trees up in the power poles, gates and fences are gone. Our large fuel tanks floated away. We have a driveway that goes back 1/2 mile to most of our farm ground that is now 5-8ft high 15ft wide of corn stalks and debri most of the length. Cant get to most of the property or buildings yet but its crazy what water can do!
Sorry to hear about your losses, here in my area (St. Paul area) there hasn't been as many losses as some of the area to the east, some of the lower area around the river have some loss and flooding, Ive heard of some people who lost about 100 head of cows and there were a couple of houses lost that were close to the river, but where they were built too close. The grade of the rail bridge washed out by town and one of the towns in the western area of the county lost part of the bridge. Id bet at least 1/2 of the roads in the county are closed at some point or another because of washed out roads or culverts that are washed out.

We had water in places where theres never been water that deep, the 4ft culvert below my house ran completely full for about 36hrs, who knows how long it ran partially full before or after that. The water behind it was probably 20ft deep for a good 1/4 mile behind it. Ill have to load some pictures later.
Here's the water that was below my house, no one has ever seen that much water in this creek bed before, even back when the creek was flowing, Dad said that Grandpa used to talk about the creek covering the whole bottom when it flooded but never very deep.

Thankfully this water was still nowhere near my house.

That tube is about 60ft long and 4ft diameter, best I could figure was roughly 80K gpm of water when it was clear full. If anyone can confirm that or tell me wrong that'd be great.

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These are some pictures from Facebook I wanted to share, if you want to see more I've shared tons of them on my Facebook, you can find me as Dane Berggren, if you add me just shoot me a message and let me know who you are.

The first is a farmer from Platte county who was killed when he was asked by rescue personnel to cross a bridge with his tractor to save people stranded on the other side and the bridge collapsed. I do not know him personally but I want everyone to know who he is.

The other pics are of the Nebraska National Guard airlifting hay to cattle still stranded by the water. Some are being carried by Blackhawks and others loaded into the Chinooks. Something that most people would never see, I did not take those pictures

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Glad you are ok out that way! We had never seen water on most of this property before in 75 years. There is sand in places 10ft deep across hundreds of acres. Saw those hay/national guard pics, very cool. Need to find some hay around here soon too, our bails turned to mold immediately.
Sorry to hear this...I have always lived on high ground so flooding has never been an issue in areas I have lived but driving down to the low ground we see the issues but nothing like you have described. Prayers sent!
Finally was able to get my atv down on one of our fields where a lot of the equipment is in a shed, waterline inside the shed was 6ft and thats on high ground. Bent our 20ton bridge all up on the property, everything is sticky nasty mud, cant walk without losing a shoe, cant drive anything anywhere hardly. What a mess!
Sorry to hear about your misfortunes, so thankful that everyone is still alive. I'm praying for the recovery efforts. The farmer that give his life to save others is the true picture of a real farmer, always ready to help others, and a true hero indeed. It sounds like a flood of, if not quite biblical proportions, way worse of a disaster than I ever experienced. That washed in sand will make growing anything very difficult for a while.
Gonna be a challenge to farm this year for so many people, myself included. Ground was so wet in the fall we had to wait for it to freeze hard to get in to combine, planting should be really interesting now haha
I was working in Beaumont,Texas for 5 weeks last fall, rebuilding flooded houses from Hurricane Harvey, and the homeowners said that the soil in their yards that was underwater for 3 weeks is totally different dirt now, it's like the silt in the water sealed it off and it doesn't drain nearly as well as before the flood, the yards are always soggy. I hope the your fields that aren't covered with sand are still farmable.
Everyone that enters my parents driveway to turn around is getting stuck, I sunk the 120hp tractor pretty deep in it the other day trying to level some of the ruts. The grounds weird, kinda like when frost comes out but so much worse, the ground moves in a wave when u walk or drive on it and as soon as u do break through the surface water is coming up in the track.