Pennsylvania hunting in Early October


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Hello All, I am headed to my cabin in North Central Pennsylvania for Archery Season. Early October deer hunting is good at my cabin. Leaving on Sunday and hunting all day Monday and half day on Tuesday. Last few visits to my cabin, I have seen over a dozen deer in the woods. I will be hunting public lands. I have no tree stand, have a ground blind though. Which do you think will be more effective, hunting on the ground with no blind or hunting in my blind? It will be forest area with many acorns on the ground. Been hunting the area since I was 12 years old.
There are a few issues archery hunting from the ground regardless if you use a blind. Because you are at the same level as the deer, you exit wound will likely be about the same height as the entry wound. This generally means, if you make a good shot and hit heart/lungs, much of the blood will pool in the chest making for a difficult blood trail.

When hunting without a blind from the ground, it is hard to draw on deer (presuming you are using a compound bow) from the ground without being detected. I know guys who stand behind trees for cover and are successful with a recurve bow, but it is quite challenging.

Deer know their home range like you know your living room. If you come home and someone rearranged the furniture you know it immediately. Likewise, when I deer sees a new pop-up blind, they are generally warry, especially mature deer. While it does not frighten them and you can draw on deer inside a blind (if you are careful with the setup and don't get backlit), deer will generally keep their distance. A good 20-30 yard shot can be problematic. I do use a ground blind on occasion for archery but not often. I'm prepared for a difficult blood trail. I set my blinds up months before the season so deer have time to acclimate to them. More often, I use permanent elevated box blinds. Most are elevated a minimum of 10' which is enough to get a lower exit wound.

When hunting oaks on public land, a climbing stand can make all the difference.
Hunting wherever the acorns are located, next to the thick bedding cover. Blind or not, your call. I prefer 5 sticks high in a big tree for cover, which is my plan for Sunday.

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