Best way to "anchor" deer blind


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I've built an 8x8 base for an elevated deer blind. Used four 6x6 treated timbers six foot tall and made my floor. Going to build my blind on top. 7 foot tall. Question I have is, the blind is going on a slight hill so I'll have to level the ground somehow. I don't want to put the timbers in the ground with concrete. Should I get some kind of premade deck concrete footing to use for the 4 legs? Just get some round pavers? I don't want to leave it right on the ground. The blind will be pretty heavy so I don't want to fuck up on the base and be sitting crooked in 5 years. I also thought about earth anchors to keep anything from moving? Tips?
I put mine on pavers.Sounds like you may have to dig out one side to make level.They will fall over.I had one that was only 6ft to floor and it fell over twice.There are a couple things that help.Use elevator brackets and fasten cable or big ratchet strap in center on bottom and screw trailer house anchor straight below and screw in.This is how redneck does theirs.The other way I did on a couple with straight legs was to put the 4 blind posts on pavers then take 2 post that are long enough to go 2ft up on blind and a couple ft in the ground.I set one on north and one on south as tight to blind as I can.i set these in cement.If you ever want to move blind you can just cut off enough to get blind out.