Deer Only Appearing on Cam for One Day


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I've step up a spot I've hunted for 2 years now. I harvested a buck from this location last year and had several others on camera. This year the same spot seems to be altogether different. Each deer I'm seeing appears to be unique. The seems to be showing up between late morning and noon and again just before dark or after dark. After that day I don't see them again. The only thing I've change is adding a ground blind instead of a primitive blind built with downfalls and limbs.

How do I interpret this behavior and what's the best way to hunt this spot?
I think you have insufficient data to make any conclusions. Lots of things change in nature from year to year. A game camera provides a very small snapshot of what is there and how it is used. Food sources change from year to year. Changed in habitat in the general area can change bedding locations and feeding locations as well. Changes in human activity has an influence on deer and their behavior.

Just as an example, I recently installed some 4K security cameras on my barn. Some are pointed outward toward an open area where I have some plantings. I have a wireless high end game camera out in this area as well mounted on a T-post. I installed an NVR on the 4K security cameras, so I can go back and playback videos.

Recently, I've been reviewing video footage for the last hour of shooting time. The game camera is black flash and I get occasional pictures of mature bucks on it. It is true black flash and they ignore it.

When comparing the video footage to the pictures recently, I found there are many times when deer are using the field but simply don't step in front of the game camera and other days where they feed right in front of it.

My point is that the game camera provides a very small slice of what is happening in that general area. The wide view of the 4K security camera which is 100 yards away from the game camera mounted on the barn that is not tripped by a PIR provides a much broader view of what is happening.

Having said that, there are some general things you can do to improve your hunting. You can put up a popup ground blind in the middle of a field and hunt turkey as soon as it is up. Deer, in general, have different behavior, especially mature bucks. They immediately notice when something has changed in their home range. Mature bucks, in particular, will avoid close contact with a popup blind. If the blind is in place year round, deer do acclimate to it, but most folks won't leave a popup ground blind up all year. Most folks that hunt deer effectively from a ground blind brush it in. Breaking up the outline of the blind seems to help.
I have 6 cameras on 160 acres and maybe half the bucks we kill off that farm are bucks I have pictures of...