What Adjustments do you need to shoot through mesh?


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Now that I've aged into my 80's, reality says it's time to come down out of the trees. I'm putting a soft side ground blind onto a platform, set at bow range next to a food pot. I'll be mounting a shower rail inside, next to the door to aid in entry and exit. Having almost no shoulder strength left after 3 rotator cuffs, I'm limited to crossbow. My question is, what adjustment should I expect on bolt performance shooting through (Double Bull) window mesh? I really don't want to have to throw a dozen fixed blades through the mesh if there's another way. Ranges will be 15 - 30 yards, from an older (not 400 fps) Horton 175 bow. A follow on question is, do you know if Primos sells replacement window mesh (just in case I HAVE to shoot a bunch of practice rounds)?
I've had no issues shooting through shoot-thru mesh at those ranges with fixed blades. I don't find they impact accuracy at all. There are potential issues with expandables. Depending on the broadheads, shoot-thru mesh can cause some to open prematurely.

Best of luck!
Not my experience but my sons. Do not shoot expandable through mesh. Never had an issue with fixed blades.
Speaking from experience, I’ve shot several animals through the mesh on a Double Bull blind, turkeys, deer, and antelope. I shot one antelope at 47 yards by splitting my 40 and 50 yard pins. If it were going to effect accuracy, I’m thinking that would be the one to tell. Of course one shot does not make a scientific argument, but I’ve shot several animals up to 20/25 yards through mesh with zero problems. Fire away ! BTW, I’ve not done it but I’ve heard guys say that they put the fiberglass mesh that goes on household windows on homemade blinds and shot through that with no problems.
I’ve also not had any change in performance shooting thru mesh. I’m also switching out my camo mesh for plain window screen. I haven’t tried it yet, but heard it’s just as good and available at any hardware store.

Can also see thru it better too.

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Inside 30 yards you won’t notice a difference. It’s probably worth a test if you’re shooting a specific mechanical but fixed head’s aren’t effected at close range.

If you get your blinds out early enough the deer probably won’t be bothered if you decide not to use the mesh.

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