Missouri Dept of Conservation ''Targeted Kills'' in CWD ''Hot Zones''

I think we've gotten to the bottom of this one. It frustrates me that CWD gets so much attention and causes so many landowners problems when the eradicators show up. There are real problems out there, but so many of them are off limits to scientific analysis for obvious political reasons. I tip my hat to Grant Woods for having the courage to bring up the problem of neonics in Turkeys.

Others have also done exceptional work on toxins showing up in wildlife. Jonathan Lundgren has done tons of work on bees and deer, and even bears. If you get snowed in, watch 4 or 5 of his videos, and you'll begin to understand the problems facing wildlife are far bigger than CWD, but they are off limits. It wasn't too many years ago that the big scandal unfolded in Mead, Nebraska. How anyone thought that was a good idea was beyond me. And all of that water flushed into the Platte River, then the Missouri River, and then the Mississippi.

These are the inconsistencies that give me reason to pause when there is concern over CWD when there are obvious problems that need to be addressed and nobody will risk their grants and pensions to call it out for what it is. Iowa State University isn't about to start snooping around and cause problems for the companies that donate buildings and pay the salaries of all their researchers.