Starting my journey...Locust Hill Farms in the Piedmont of Northern VA

Y’all killed any gobblers?

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Looks like they got a second one this morning.

Was taking down stands today and was able to get a panoramic view of the one spot we have been working on. This was nothing but a sea of cedars, poplars and a few cherry trees. Just taking lots of small bites out of the whale…



We were going to convert this field alfalfa last Fall but when we received the results of the soil test the pH was WAY low. We added lime and put in a cover crop for the winter. Decided to bake the wheat, rye, clover and volunteer vetch because it looked too good to disk in. Baling then will go into soybeans.




Been busy with cattle and farm stuff so finally went and looked at the progress of the logger. They are trying to finish up this spot so they can move to a a pine forest we are going to start thinning in a few weeks. Once they move out of this spot we will get in and start grubbing stumps.


Other side of road looks good, burning today since it’s starting to rain. This whole area was 1000s of cedars and some poplars/cherry trees. Hard to believe how different it looks.

Haven’t been by our “work in progress” oak savanna in a while. Still have plenty of hardwood trees to take out but we started with cedars and low value trees first. Plenty of stuff growing even without a burn conducted this Spring. Can see a bunch of browsing by the animals walking around the area.



Disked and raked the spot we have been working on. Trying to get a summer cover crop down soon to get it ready for a Fall planting of something I haven’t figured out what yet.

Been slow going around the the farm lately. It’s been a really wet July which I know a lot of people in other parts of the country don’t want to hear. Trying to thin some pines but too wet to get rolling. Almost finished with the project removing all the cedars in the spot above. Will get it disked up and planted in a cover crop (big food plot) for the Fall. I haven’t put out any cameras but a hunting buddy put a few out and is starting to get some nice photos.

Since it’s a cell camera all we get are small resolution photos to the phone. Not the best quality but you get the point.

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Don’t recognize this buck, I would think I would remember a typical 12pt. Haven’t seen a typical 12pt on the farm in 8+ years. He’s real nice, hate these small pixel photos but you have to change out the cards to get the higher resolution photos which kind of defeats the purpose of a cell camera. There could be worse things I know.


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Crazy thing is I’m looking through photos from last two years and really cannot definitively figure out if it’s a buck we have history with. Might never see a 7x6 buck again in my lifetime…