2019 Live from the Stand

Sitting in a blind over a waterhole in 90 degree temps may have been something I would have done in my 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s but it seems these last 3 or 4 years I no longer have the urge to do anything like that. Heck I am not even very excited about the first of October because typically some of our best deer have been rifle killed around that time (not rifle season). I am going to pick and choose days to hunt this year so it’s gonna be cool or I am not going... I have had flies blow on my deer before I have gotten them out of the woods here in the past. I really want to build an insulated cooling room with a small AC unit so I can hang deer for a week or more to age before I butcher them. Back when I was a kid it was colder in the fall and my uncle used to hang deer a couple weeks in his shed. Some of the best venison ever!

I can relate to that ! That water hole hunting can be brutal, but on the other hand, it is Wyoming and the weather can be fickle. Hot temps make for better hunting, but lots of discomfort. Cool temps and rain makes for a boring sit, and I’ve had both. On one trip the wind blew so hard one day that several times I thought the blind was going airborne ! Forty degrees and drizzle most of the day. If my stakes hadn’t held that Double Bull wouldn’t have stopped until it hit somewhere in the Rockies !
So conflicted. I have a mess of deer in front of me. Most of them are does/fawns eating sawtooth acorns and the regenerating eagle soybeans, but the big 9 is in front of me as well. He’s happily munching acorns as well. His rack is quite impressive, but his body is not. I can’t figure out if he’s just a small framed deer or a young buck with great genes.

I’ll post trail cam pics of him shortly. He’s been in front of one of my cameras for the last 15 minutes.
I would be concerned about spoilage. When is the rut in SC and Florida?

I can’t speak for SC, but the Rut in Florida is a very crazy deal.

In South Fl the Archery Season opens in Late June or Early July and so does their Rut.

Central Florida Archery opens in Mid-September and the Rut hits about October. But there are pockets in Central Fl that act like NW Florida and their season dates and Rut is completely different.

NE-NC Florida runs close to Central.

But the NW Panhandle of Florida is a different breed altogether. Here the Archery opens in late October and the Rut kicks in during the last week of January through the first week of February.

Yes you can hunt deer from July to February in Florida if you really wanted to travel to do it.
Live from the Clear cut. My 8 year old has been begging to go so we are having a sit this morning. Only squirrels so far.

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Well neighbor decided to travel his roads today. Started just after my last post. After listening to the front end loader all morning we decided to give it up. No deer sightings but lots of squirrels. I was kinda pissed but my daughter said don't worry daddy there is always next time.

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This time of year, from what I see at the farm, the afternoon is the best time??
Morning is usually best for us. Deer move to surrounding properties that have ag fields in the afternoon. In a month or two midday becomes best.

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Nice buck cutman ! Story to follow ?

I was hunting on a family property where my parents live. This was my target buck based on summer trail cam pics. He didn’t have the biggest rack but he appeared to be the oldest buck using the property.

I spent the afternoon helping my dad clean up after the hurricane. I used the chainsaw while he moved trees with the tractor. At 6 PM I got in the stand and enjoyed a beautiful evening with a nice E/NE wind. No mosquitoes.

It was a slow hunt that I attributed to the sound of heavy equipment from the neighbors property. They must have lost a bunch of trees as well. At 7:30 something got my attention, and I looked up to see 2 bucks jogging across the food plot. One stopped at the water hole 40 yards in front of me and enthusiastically started drinking. The other went to eat corn from a tiny feeder in the middle of the plot. The buck in the water hole was my target buck. As I looked at him with my binoculars I could tell he had a massive lump behind his left pedicle that was not there recently. I made a good shot at about 80 yards with my .270 and he started slowly, painfully walking into the pine trees. I did not want to track him in there so shot him again.

162 lb and the lump on his head was an abscess. I figure he either got it from fighting or something hit him in the head during the hurricane.