2,4-D mix rate for spot spraying?


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I want to spot spray 2,4-D LV4 (66.2%) on mostly wild garlic and maybe a little thistle.

The label only shows amount per acre.

Is there any rule of thumb on mixing small batches?
It is difficult to estimate. The label still wants you to estimate the rate you spray on 1000 sqft as if broadcast in pints per acre. Pages 2-3 have instructions for spot treatment. Example: for 2pt/acre treatment .... 2pt/acre is equal to 3/4oz per 1000sqft. If you will spray 1 gal per 1000/sq ft, add 3/4oz per gal. Problem is, there is no way to know how much of any mix each person is going to hand spray down on any area. % in the tank does not indicate how much herbicide is used per sqft or per acre.

My 2,4D shows 2oz per gallon of water. That's Ortho Weed B Gone. Just sprayed some weeds in my yard yesterday.
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