Clethodim hand sprayer/spot spraying rate


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Many people have asked over the years how much clethodim to use per gallon of water in their hand sprayers. Until now, I've never seen a label that provides a definitive answer, but I finally found one!

Spot Treatment

When using hand sprayers or high volume sprayers utilizing hand guns, mix 1/4% to 1/2% (0.33 oz. to 0.65 oz. per gal.) CLETHODIM 2 EC HERBICIDE and treat to wet vegetation, while not allowing runoff of spray solution. For uses requiring crop oil concentrate, include crop oil concentrate at 1% (1.3 oz. per gal.) by volume. For uses requiring non-ionic surfactant, include non-ionic surfactant at 1/4% (0.33 oz. per gal.) by volume.

NOTE: If CLETHODIM 2 EC HERBICIDE is applied as a spot treatment, do not exceed the maximum rate allowed on a "per acre" basis or crop injury may occur.

The entire label is here:
Ive used those rates and they work
Like the "per acre" rate,takes a while before grasses realize they are dead......

Thanks for sharing. I'm a big proponent of always following labels, that being said, I always use the heavier .65 oz. per gallon rate for spot spraying clethodim for best results.