Winter Wheat


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So I'm going to plant some winter wheat for the first time. I have planted rye and oats a lot in the past and I just want to try something a little different. I'm still planting the LC grain mix in other spots. My question is does WW do better planted alone? I was thinking of putting some radish in as well but I'll have plenty of radish in other places so I won't if WW is better alone. Also what seeding rate should I use for broadcasting into tilled ground and packed.
In my experiences it doesn't matter. I mix wheat in just like I do rye with brassica and other things as well. As far as rate goes wheat and rye are close enough (wheat is 15K seeds/lb and rye 18K seed/lb) that using the same rate is fine in my opinion. Only real difference I have seen is that the rye will grow in a hair cooler temps than the wheat and in the spring the wheat will be half as tall as the rye. Just my 2 cents worth.
I plant it every year. I would go 100# acre whether alone or in a mix. I have planted both ways alone and mixed and it does well as long as you have adequate moisture.
It will do fine alone but I always like to add a buffet. Plant it with some rape, radishes, winter peas--treat it just like you would rye. I always add some oats also.
I plant both as cover crops, sometimes mixing rye with wheat. I really think my deer slightly prefer wheat. What I don't like as much about wheat is that it tillers much more in the spring and can suppress the clovers under it and make for harder tillage it that is needed in rotation. Rye also greens up a little faster in spring. With that said, I'm buying half of each tomorrow for planting. And like said, 100# /ac in clover mix is good, better a little light than too heavy.
I mixed all 3 cereals (rye, oats, wheat) this year. I cut down the wheat component just because of the tillering aspect. Also mixed in the usual LC recommends of radish, winter peas, and clover. And threw in some leftover cowpeas for fun.