Wilkes County Georgia

Almost forgot this picture of Claire. She loves going to deer camp!
She's a cutie!

I would have popped a 22 in that possum also. Nest robbers tough on quail and turkeys! But seeing your user name maybe you are partial to possums.
IMG_1091.JPG Deer season is now over in GA and habitat season begins!
I spent the evening preparing my tree seedling buckets and making some other preparations for the work ahead.
I went down yesterday and set several traps. This morning I went back to find two possums and my first tote had been caught! A big male. I am no pro trapper but I was proud that I was at least successful!
IMG_1090.JPG I also hunted my little duck hole this morning. I got my first wood duck.
They are such a beautiful duck species. This being my first, I decided to drop him off at the taxidermists.
IMG_1089.JPG I checked the trail cameras to see what deer made it through season.
I was very happy to see the big 11 point made it.
I hunted that deer hard this season and he will be on my mind a lot over the next eight months until bow season.
I got a lot of night pictures of him but only two daytime pics. One on Dec 3rd and one on Jan 2nd.
So now the fun begins and the list of things to do is long. Going to be moving a few stands, improving roads, widening food plots, planting trees and doing some controlled burns. Fun, Fun, Fun! I'm hoping I can get the bulk of everything done by end of turkey season in mid May.

Updates to come!
NICE buck. I know you are glad to provide good habitat for that one. Those daytime sightings are rare with bucks in my area also.
We hope to set some traps for raccoons after season. Need to thin the herd.
IMG_1197.JPG Started off habitat season right with our first trapped bobcat! John popped her with his new Ruger .22

Our tally for trapped varmints this year stands at one bobcat, one coyote, two coons and three opossums. Not bad for a couple of ametur trappers!
IMG_1198.JPG I decided to attempt a homemade hat from our first bobcat. I think it came out pretty good! It will come in handy if we ever see cold weather again in north GA
IMG_1196.JPG We also found buried treasure that day metal detecting around an old home place. Our first strike was an old horshoe. We also found an old saw blade and some other priceless artifacts.
IMG_1200.JPG IMG_1201.JPG IMG_1203.JPG IMG_1202.JPG I hired a guy to come in and clear around a few small food plots as well as make a couple new ones.
Here is a couple before and afters.
IMG_1205.JPG Over the last week we have planted 50 sawtooth oaks, 10 persimmons, 10 pears, 10 swamp chestnuts and 5 crab apples.

I have saved room for next years plantings. I plan on adding 10 more persimmons, 10 Chinese chestnuts and 10 wild plums.

The deer will find a wide variety on our little 78 acres!