Wilkes County Georgia

Looks like your kids were having a great time. I love seeing kids being able to get out and enjoy nature!
Good stories and good times going there. Lots of lifetime memories are being established every time y'all go there.

Is your place in the north end of Wilkes toward Oglethorpe/Elbert?. I ask due to seeing the exposed granite and I know there is lots of granite and quarry work in the Elbert and eastern Oglethorpe area.

Our place is just south of Tignal. There are a lot of really neat looking rock outcroppings on the property.
posted.JPG Well its been a few weeks since Ive updated so got some cool stories to share.
For starters, once the heat started to get tolerable a few weeks ago, Ive started hunting hard down there. Opening weekend me and wife went down and saw several does. Went back Nov 5th for a weekend and you could tell the rut was starting. Saw 20 deer that weekend, including an eight pointer that I decided to take. This is no giant but he was a great first deer to come off our new land!shawns deer.JPG
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I saw lots of small bucks chasing does and grunting which was fun to watch. This property would be nothing special to many deer hunters but for me, its the best land Ive ever hunted. I saw 11 deer from one stand one evening, I dont know if I saw 11 deer all season last year here in the north GA mountains. I realize there are plenty of places where you may see 20 or more deer an afternoon and see multiple shooter bucks, but Ive never hunted in a place like that so hunting this land and just seeing deer consistently has been great!
There are a few nice mature bucks Ive been getting on trail cam. This one is the biggest. Hard to tell in this picture but he is an 11 pointer. 11 point.JPG
Brought the whole family back last weekend (Nov 12th-13th) I watched the baby Saturday morning so my wife could hunt. She had a few does come in and picked out the biggest one. This was the first deer she ever shot by herself! She thought she missed at first and then went back and started looking for blood and found a little drop. She tracked and found the deer all on her own! Turns out she made a perfect shot but the bullet didnt exit so there wasnt a great blood trail.paiges deer.JPG
The weather was great Saturday, John practiced with his .22 and we drove around and explored the area. Went to Calloway Plantation in Washington, GA which is a really neat place to visit if you are ever in the area.john.JPG
Duck season starts soon and although I dont plan on duck hunting until after deer season, I did go down and check out the beaver pond. We are in a terrible drought here but there was still some water and a few wood ducks down there.duck pond.JPG
Paige and the baby left Saturday afternoon and me and the kids went to the stand. Anna went to the tower stand and saw about 20 turkeys that evening. I hunted with my seven year old John. As soon as we got settled, I turned around and saw a small buck easing through the woods behind us. About 30 min later, two big does moved through the thicket beside us. Then about an hour before dark, A group of three does work up to our right.

John has never shot at a deer but as the lead doe stepped out, he prepared himself, put on his earphones, clicked off safety and aimed at the doe. As she stepped out into an opening about 30 yards away, he shoots!

The deer run off and I look at him... he was soooo nervous! I asked if he felt like it was a good shot and he said he did.

We waited a little while and then climbed down to start tracking. We looked, and looked, and looked. Never finding any blood :(

After an hour of intense searching and not a single drop of blood spotted, we called off the search. John and I both were heartbroken!

Weve practiced some more shooting at home and he and I feel he is ready for another chance. I think he just got a little nervous on his first deer.hunt.JPG
Family went back for our last deer hunt for the 2016 season. Dec 30th/31st was another memorable trip.
We started off arriving at camp a little after 1:00 on Friday. The kids jumped right on the four wheeler while I unloaded what seemed like a months worth of gear for our overnight trip.
Once we got camp set up, we went out and set a few traps. I set three coon and three coyote traps while the kids took their new metal detectors and search for treasure.
I also set up a new trail cam and checked my other cams.
I was exited to see we are still getting pictures of the big 11 point and the day before I got a picture of a huge 8 pointer in daylight!
At 3pm my wife and son went to the shooting tower and my daughter went to the swamp stand. I stayed at camp with the baby.
At 4:00 we heard a shot from the swamp.
At about 5:00 Anna walks back into camp with a smile a mile wide!
She shot her second deer ever and the first one ever by herself!
Not only did she make a perfect shot with a .270 she had never shot before, she also trailed the blood, found the deer and dragged it back to the food plot all by herself!
I'm so proud of Anna!
The next morning we checked trap line. Coyotes howled all around us all night but unfortunately we didn't get much.
We caught a little possum that was released unharmed after the kids petted him.
We did catch one big female coon that received a .22 between the eyes.
I found this really cool old chimney in the woods. Next time down we are going to metal detect around it.
I'm curious how old it is?
Deer season ends here in GA next weekend and then it will be time to squirrel hunt, trap and begin our habitat work!
I've ordered 50 sawtooth oaks and 10 persimmons to start with.
Most of my work this winter will involve making food plots bigger and improving roads. I've got big plans for down there and can't wait to get started on them.
I'll be sure to update on all the work we will be doing!