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Ive really enjoyed reading the property tours forum. I figured I would join the club and start a thread about my place. Ill try to post pictures and give updates in the future.

To start off, how this all got started...

Ive always dreamed of owning land. Ever since I was a kid, I day dreamed about it. I remember drawing out maps in my spare time of what my perfect property looked like. The fantasy maps would show the small food plots, dove fields, orchards, ponds, creeks and roads. I begged my dad to sell our house in the suburbs and buy a farm out in the country. He tried to explain that he had a job in the city and we couldnt move, but he told me that maybe one day, we could save enough to buy a small hunting tract. I was probably 13 at the time.

Dad passed away from cancer when I was 18. That was 15 years ago. And then life happened. A couple years later I had a child, a house payment and a job in the suburbs. I guess you can say the dream of owning land died. In 2008 I made a big career change. I moved to the country and started my own business cleaning chimneys. We were dirt poor and another child came along in 2009. We were renting an old 1940s farm house for $50 a month, it was a wreck!. But I worked hard and my business grew! in 2012 we bought the little farm we were renting for $15,000. It was just an acre but it was in the mountains and it backed up to thousands of acres of national forest that is open to hunting all season.

As the business grew we were able to completely restore the little 1940s farm house into a beautiful home, paid for, free and clear! I hunted to woods behind my home and loved it! But something was missing. It was the deer camp experience I grew up with. Loading the truck for a weekend with friends and the deer camp. I missed that experience and wanted my kids (now 3 of them) to know what it was like too. Dont get me wrong, being able to walk out your back door and hunt thousands of acres is great and I still do it, but deer camp is something special!

So in 2015 my family and I joined a little hunting club in Wilkes county GA. 569 acres of pine timber land. Its less than two hours from our home here in the north Georgia mountains. We parked an old camper there and had a great time in the 2015 hunting season. My daughter got her first deer there!

I liked the area the club was in. It reminded me of the area me and my dad hunted back in the 90s. I also out of curiosity checked out land prices for Wilkes county online. Most of the land around there was pretty cheap. $1500-$2000 was an average. I was sitting at the camp fire one night when the idea (dream) I had as a kid came back to me. I wanted to buy some land! So I took out a home equity line of credit on our home and had $76,000 to go towards a land purchase.

Initially, I was thinking small. I figured with only $76,000 I would have to settle for 30 acres or so. something just big enough for a camp, a couple stands, maybe a small food plot. I checked out the land websites for months, nothing caught my eye enough to see in person. Until one night something did catch my eye... Wilkes county Ga- 78 acres- $750 an acre.

$750 an acre? something didnt sound right, thats too good to be true, I almost overlooked it because it was half price of other similar properties. IM GLAD I DIDNT! I texted the selling agent at 9pm, he replied back immediately and two days later I was meeting him at the property to check it out.

Of coarse like Ive always heard if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. There was of coarse a catch. The land was landlocked. No deeded access although there was a good road to get to it. The land was perfect though. It had a good mixture of mature hardwoods, pines and 8 year old select timber cut. Two big creeks, a duck pond and a couple food plots. Like all the hunting land real estate descriptions say "abundant wildlife" this place really had it all.

The land was deep in the woods, 1 mile through a family farm that had been broke up over the years so no one lived around it, no one hunted it and the other big neighbor was a 500 acre quality managed deer club.
I asked the agent the details about access and he told me the seller could not track down his family who owned the land the access road passed through. They lived in Atlanta and had not shown any desire in helping him sell his property. Three signatures was all that was needed to get the access road deeded and legal right of way. I met the seller that day, A very nice old black farmer. I asked him what the chances were of me tracking down his relatives and getting them to sign the papers? He mentioned I would have a better chance than him so I took that to mean there was a little family feuding going on.

I knew that just like the contract on a house, in Georgia, there is a 30 day due diligence period where I could back out of the contract. So after getting wife's approval, I signed the contract for his full asking price of $58,750. Its a good thing too because I later learned that after being on the market three days, the agent had gathered the seller three signed contracts all at or near full price. I feel like my meeting with the seller that day and talking about my dream of owning land and my family, It persuaded him to accept my offer over the others.

So I had thirty days to get three signatures or else I would have backed out of the contract.We started by tracking down two of the family members on facebook and messaging them. They did not respond. Next we talked to several other family members and found one who knew the three individuals and was actually meeting with one of them the next week. Long story short, after many many phone calls, emails, pleads and prayers, one day before the due diligence ran out, we had in our lawyers hand the notarized signatures granting us legal right of way to the property!

We closed on May 5th 2016. And its been an adventure ever since. Not a day goes by I dont thank God for this blessing He has given us.

Ill have to stop there for today. I will post more about the work Ive done over last 4 months, and hopefully will be posting stories of successful hunts coming in the near future!

Everyone should have the chance to own a piece of dirt someday if it is in their DNA. Look forward to reading more about yours and dont forget the pictures!

Some things are just meant to be. Your land purchase is a prime example. Your will have a wonderful time building life time memories on that hunting land with your three kids and wife.

You wrote it up real well. Thanks for sharing. :)
Map not best quality but you kinda see lay out. Black lines are the road leading in and then once on property, best I could get was four wheeler paths. The roads had not been maintained in 8 years so very thick briars, trees, etc. It was a time finding them and clearing back out with my little compact tractor! took three months of at least one day a week. Lots of chainsaw work! but now all the paths are opened up so I can walk around quitely in deer season.

The green are food plots. There was two small timber loading bays that the seller had kept open for parking. One of these I designated as camp, the other a small plot. I would make a couple more small plots over next few months. Im still waiting on some rain to plant with wheat and clover. I tried sunn hemp this summer but it failed.

The red dots are stands. All are either back to back lock ons, enclosed tower or two man ladder stands. This is so family will always be able to hunt together. All the stands have been named and even now without hunting them, I get the feeling which stands will be best when. Some morning, some evening, some early season, some late.

The entire north boundary is creek (right side of picture) and there is another creek that follows near west property line (top of picture) the blue spot is a beaver pond. I set a wood duck box and cleared some shooting lanes for duck season.
And here is camp! I bought a new camper a month before I found the land. I chose this one because its just big enough for my family but small enough its great to haul and park in tight camp sites. If I had known it was just going to be parked somewhere most of the year, I would have chose a larger model.

We got our little firepit... how do you like my stove pipe extension? It doesnt really work as good as I thought. Ive got enough wood I think Ill be good through deer season? And a little A frame with tarp to park four wheeler under.

I have a feeder in camp about 70 yards from camper door on side of only road leading in. I have a wireless game camera set up on that feeder. I get about 20 pictures a day of a family of three does. I also would get a picture of anyone that drives into camp which is my security system. Ive only had one person so far enter camp and it was a nosy neighbor just checking out the place. I called him 5 minutes after I got the picture and asked if that was him I see snooping around (jokingly) he was embarrassed. He knows now Im watching things!

Unfortunately there is no power or water at our camp. We have to run generator for AC. in winter, the heat runs off battery. I have to bring jugs of water each trip for showers, toilet and other necessities the family needs. We go through 20 gallons in a weekend so not a problem with a few 5 gal jugs.
Here is first stand on the place we put up in May. Its 5' x 7' Plenty big for up to three people. Built it on 10' of scaffolding I wasnt using. And build everything at shop in panels so assembly on site took less than an hour. Its a small plot of about 1/3 acre. But it has a long shot up the road about 125 yards. Im thinking this may be the place my seven year old boy gets his first deer this year??? We'll see!
Here is an example of how I would know immediately if anyone enters the property. This is me and wife though. Last weekend we got an overnight babysitter and first time in a year we got to hang out alone for a night without kids. It was wonderful!
Fantastic possum. I know you and your family will have years of enjoyment on that land. Glad it came together for you, and look forward to hearing more about it.
Its a great looking place and the cool thing is that you get to build memories with your young family. I missed the window of building alot of OUTDOOR memories with my kids when they were young, but I am hoping they will eventually have kids and by then I will have my own piece of dirt to build some great family memories on.
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Well congrats on your awesome property. Looks like a beautiful piece of land. Look forward to following along.

Thanks! Ive been trying to come up with a good catchy name for our place... I was calling it "the land" but wife started making fun and every time I'd be staring off into space she'd say "are you thinking about the land" but she'd pronounce it "THE LAAAAAND". Then she'd start cutting me of, like I would say, "I'm heading down to" and she'd interrupt, "THE LAAAAND".
So I don't call it the land anymore.

She's been supportive of this whole process. This was my dream, not hers. I'm sure she'd rather have a little place near the ocean. But she wanted this because she new how bad I wanted it.

Timber management, food plots and stand locations don't get her excited like it does me. She actually wasn't an outdoorsy girl when we met but I've got her going with me a lot now and we've learned that our time alone in the outdoors brings us closer together than anything else we could be doing.
Let the kids suggest some names. Name sections of the farm after them. It promotes their sense of ownership. Your wife is supportive - which is a great thing.

We named shooting houses for the oldest two grandkids. Timber harvest delayed the 3rd shooting house for the 3rd grandkid. We will get that one built next summer.

I like what I know lies ahead for you and your family. Remember kids need it to be fun - u b in charge of their fun.