Wilkes County Georgia

So Saturday morning arrived and I woke John and Anna up at 5:45. I took Anna to her stand first. She would have to sit 30+ min in the dark. I went over tree stand safety, gun safety and the steps to take if a deer comes out.
I couldnt help but mess with her a little. I said, "you know if you shoot a buck, you have to cut off his testicles within 5 min or the meat is ruined."
She said "what are testicles?" As I explained where to locate the testicles and how to cut them off, I could tell she was getting nervous. She said OK but i started laughing and let her know I was kidding. She was very relieved!
We hunted until 10 Saturday but know one saw a deer. We heard a bunch of turkeys though and saw a few squirrels
On way out, we went down into the hardwoods to look for acorns.
The food plots we were hunting looked more like deserts. The drought also make acorns very scarce. We found a couple trees that had a few little acorns but nothing to get exited about.
John did get exited at this big rock he had to try and climb!
The kids spent the day riding four wheelers. Me and wife enjoyed relaxing around camp being lazy. The weather was great!
We went to town for lunch and a few supplies. We got back around 2:30 and I offered to watch the kids a couple hours so the wife could get a quick, mid-day bow hunt in. She didnt see a deer but she enjoyed getting a break from the baby and having some alone time.
Paige and the baby headed back home at 4:30 and me, john and anna headed to our stands at 5.
At about 6:15 I received this text from Anna...

A nice dough just walked out but then I started thinking it was a faun cause it looked like one and then I heard a something behind me and when I turned around it was a dough so then I new the other one was a zbaby and then a I waited for the mom to come out so I could get a good shot but it disappeared. Then I saw it again and when I lifted my gun up it saw me I was really quite and slow but it looked up and my gun was in the air as the deer was looking straight at me so the deer kept staring and my arm got real tired so it moved just a little and the mom left
Then at 7pm we heard Anna shoot!
Me and John hunted the last 15 min and then met Anna at camp. She let us know she shot a doe!
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We looked all over for blood and unfortunately did not find any. The dogs seemed real interested in a spot near where Anna said the deer was standing when she shot. When I looked again closer, I found a little clump of white deer hair and small piece of fat, no blood.
It was not looking good :(
We started crawling the area looking for blood or guts or anything... nothing.
After a while I broke it to Anna it appeared to be a grazing shot. But that we needed to keep looking to be sure.
Then something caught my eye. I looked down at something I would have never imagined in a 100 years I would see. The bullet was laying or the ground, on top of some leaves, fully expanded and clean of any deer flesh.
I have never heard of this happening and still dont see how it is possible. But apparently it barely grazed the deer. Enough to knock off some belly hair but not enough to draw blood. Then it went through a few small saplings causing it to mushroom and catch air like a parachute. The bullet ended up 75 yards from stand, about 25 yards from where deer was. It was a miracle it didnt bury in the ground.
So we came home last night without a deer but with a bunch of great memories and a few stories to tell. This is why we love to deer hunt!
Great stories. Love to see those kids in the stands. Anna will connect soon, she is so aware of what is going on!
Great times with the kids! I think that eating sticks may be a good source of fiber:D After finding that bullet you should have bought a lotto ticket.
Good stories and good times going there. Lots of lifetime memories are being established every time y'all go there.

Is your place in the north end of Wilkes toward Oglethorpe/Elbert?. I ask due to seeing the exposed granite and I know there is lots of granite and quarry work in the Elbert and eastern Oglethorpe area.