To Late for Throw and Mow in Western NY??


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I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on whether or not it was too late to throw out some WR and maybe Oats in an overgrown hay field?

I was thinking of liming and fertilizing, spraying glysophate and then seeding this weekend. It looks like temps are still in the 70's for the next 2 weeks or so.

I would mow everything down after the hay burned up.

What do you guys think?
Rye will germinate down into the low 30 degree range. Last year I worked some ground and broadcast on December first and it was visibly up and growing on January 1. I'd gamble and do it. The weed spray could be a waste if the competition is not actively growing. Given rain ,it will grow. How much depends on the weather. It probably won't do you much good this year. Throw some clover in there for next year.
Western NY? I'm surprised you are not buried 4 feet in a snow drift by now! You are in the 70-'s today but how soon to zero? No Straight-up answer to your question. If you want some quick green its possible. Let's suppose you get oats and rye to pop out of the ground in the next two weeks. Nice. Tasty. Young and tender. Weatherwise, what comes next? Would four weeks of green be satisfactory?
I would like to provide some hardy forage during winter when the snow hits. But more importantly I would like to build the nutrients in the soil for next year.
I have a fondness for western NY. I spent 10 winters there one summer. Having said that, I don't think you'll make it. But, when it comes to weather who knows anymore?

Oats will winterkill. Rye's a better risk. But, when it comes to weather who knows anymore?
I think you're unlikely to get much benefit this year, or this winter. The benefit would be having the rye ready to take off first thing in the spring which would be preferential to whatever weeds pop up.
From the looks of the forecast this weekend, you might be ok. It looks like it's going to be warmer temps at least for the next week and a half. After that, who knows where the temps will go. As long as you time it to where you get rain before It's planted, you should see some growth. Like others have said, I'd throw some clover in there so it won't be a total waste if you get nothing out of it this fall.
Can't hurt to try Rye is cheap enough... I just planted Rye a week ago here in WNY and it's germinated... how far along it gets who knows but mild temps are forecast for at least the next 2 weeks

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Hell yes plant it. Mix in some WR, WW, and RC. Forget the oats this late. Mow mulch over it and pack it good with truck or atv. Bet it works. Seen Canadians plant much later than this. Good luck.
Lots of showers forecast, no frosts forecast in next ten days here in eastern NY. Plant tomorrow and rye or winter wheat could be 4 inches tall in ten days.
Thanks everyone I will be going up on Thursday and will try and get something down. Will provide updates as I go along.

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Talked to my friend tonight, a local seed salesman and dairy farmer in this area. He said farmers here are planting winter wheat throughout October which is normal.
I would like to provide some hardy forage during winter when the snow hits. But more importantly I would like to build the nutrients in the soil for next year.
What got you behind this far? You can try the rye because it's cheap and you really can't lose. It either grows or it doesn't, and right now you don't have any. If possible this winter you can drop a few trees. This helps tremendously as far as browse. Drop a few each week during the winter right up to April if you can.

Forgot to take pictures but I tried the throw and mow on about a 1/8 acre with some winter rye and ladino clover.

I will be going up November 8th-11th and will take some pictures this time.

This is a picture of the field that is pretty overgrown and used to be a clover hay field. The area I planted to looked very much like this.

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