Striped June Apple - right on time

My next apples to ripen will be Priscilla. This is my favorite apple of all that I grow. The taste is just right for me, and the disease resistance is on par with Liberty.

I have such a load of fruit on this tree that I built some temporary bracing under some of the lower limbs to prevent breaking. Fruit should be ripe in about 2 more weeks and maybe a few just a little earlier.


I'm literally covered up with apples right now. I have three different trees coming in at once. These are:

Myers Royal Limbertwig
Betsy Deaton

Below is a picture of some Priscilla I picked today. I would have liked to leave these another week, but I've already had one limb to break, and I selectively removed a few buckets to keep other limbs from doing the same thing.


This shows some of the overloaded limbs on Priscilla:


Here is Myers Royal Limbertwig. It looks about the same, but I don't worry about the limbs breaking as much on this tree.


Here is a bucket of Betsy Deaton. These apples are not as pretty this year for some reason, and the crop isn't quite up to par. However, it is a great apple - except for the fact that it always shows quite a bit of CAR.


I'm running my dehydrator a bunch and getting ready to make some of my family and neighbors happy with some free apples. I'm going to load my extra refrigerator with Priscilla, because she is my favorite. I can enjoy them for a few months that way.
I picked a bunch of Myers Royal Limbertwig today. This is my favorite drying apple, and it is also held in high regard as a cider apple. I think it is also the largest of the Limbertwigs.



Ayers Pears are ripe now. The taste is excellent as usual, but the size is a little smaller than normal due to overbearing. This variety is known as "Sugar Pear" due to the intense sweetness. I have one tree over 40+ feet tall and another one 30+ feet tall - both at home. I think I have two more of these at the farm.


Here is an apple called Milam that we have falling right now. It is an okay apple but not necessarily one of my favorites. It tastes okay, is small to medium in size but not especially impressive - but would be a good deer apple if you wanted one falling at this time of year.

The leaves stay really clean. I did see this tree take a fireblight hit a few years ago, but it bounced right out of it and came back strong. The mother tree that this one came from was on a nearby old home place, and it seemed to produce well almost ever year. I've not been gathering these apples, but it was loaded this year. The deer have cleaned up a bunch, but there are more falling than they can eat.

Here is an apple I bought from Big Horse that is supposed to be Winter King (aka Stark). In the past I have not recommended this apple, but now I've had a change of heart. It is extremely ugly, but I really like the taste, and it has produced good the last few years. It has now become my favorite drying apple for adding cinnamon and sugar. Apples are large, with some exceeding 4 inches. They are a tad smaller this year because of overload. The DR is above average. It has a rep of being a fireblight magnet, but I've not seen any on mine. They will be mostly green but get a tinge of red late in the season.



Moonglow Pears are just beginning to drop a few. Note the yellow color on the one in my hand that I picked up off the ground compared to the one that is greener still hanging on the tree.

Here is another nice pear that has grown clean for me and drops late. It resembles Kieffer but has a slightly different look and different taste. This pear is Senator Clark.


This is a true Kieffer. I had to unload several of these trees this year in order to keep the limbs from breaking.


This is one of the Fake Kieffers on my place. It's not the greatest tasting, but it falls late and the deer love them.


This is the 30-06 Crab from NWC. If these apples continue to look this good, drop before next spring and don't turn into dried up mummies I will be happy with this tree. One of their other varieties has already turned into mummies. I will give that one a little more time but if no change it will be topworked.

Here is Terry Winter - an apple that is an okay apple for a deer planting but not impressive to me for an eating apple. It is like Yates in a lot of respects, but Yates is vastly superior to Terry Winter in all regards. On the positive side, it does have good DR and the taste is not bad. On the negative side, the apples don't hang as late as advertised (into December) and most will be on the ground by early November. The apples are small to medium - about the same size as Yates, but not as pretty and clean as Yates. MY recommendation for anyone in my area is to plant another Yates rather than planting a Terry Winter.

This is Moonglow Pear. It is highly DR, dropping some right now and very productive. It is not my favorite pear for fresh eating but still pretty good. I recommend it for a deer planting pear based on several seasons of seeing it do really well.