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Blizzard Ridge

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Man I am ready for life to slow down a little this summer so I can get some meat on the smoker. I only broke it out once last summer and haven't even cleaned it up yet this spring to get it ready. I am going to have to look into one of those smaller smoker ya'll were talking about in earlier conversations. Mine is a pull behind that I could and have cooked two whole hogs at the same time on. It is a bigger pain in the butt to use than it's worth on small cooks though. Usually if I get it fired up I will cook at least 8-10 butts or I just use the old fashioned charcoal grill with a little hickory to add some smoke. Keep the good eats coming guys I will get some time to burn some meat eventually.

Triple C

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BR...Look into any of the pellet smokers. Lots of em being made these days and man are they easy to use and throw a lot of smoke. Did me another cook yesterday with part of the crew down. Thighs, wings and corn. Put em on bout 5:00 and set the temp to 350 for 1:15.

Ready to come off the grill.

Sides included taters, green beans, slaw, sliced maters and pickled okra.

Made for a pretty good meal.

Lil Man was too busy riding his scooter to eat.

Triple C

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Last weekend...Ground pork chili.
IMG_4615.jpg IMG_4619.jpg

Today...with 4 inches of snow on the ground and still falling...Never in my 61 years have I seen this down here in early December...Veggie beef soup with cornbread.
IMG_4639.jpg IMG_4640.jpg