OFFICIAL 2016 Nut/Seed Exchange Thread

I wanted to take a minute and comment about the seed exchange here. First of all for anyone who is apprehensive about doing this.....don't be. Reach out to folks who have what you are looking for. Even if you have nothing to offer in return - you can ship a USPS small flat rate box for less than $7 (the box and label are free) - so it isn't going to break the bank, so simply offer to cover the cost. It's a great way to get your hands on things you may otherwise not have access to. It's also a great way to grow the community feeling here. I completed a "swap" with Catscratch and he got some pawpaw and I got some sawtooth and I know we each now look forward to seeing the progress of the other. Things like this are what make resources like this forum such a great resource.
J-Bird is exactly right. I would say about 1/3 or sometimes more often, one person has nothing but a need and pays postage.

For those of you that think you can't grow anything, you are wrong. Everyone started at the beginning of the learning curve. I had never grown a chestnuts, sawtooth, allegheny chinkapin until I got the nerve to try.

Now to be successful you have to follow certain procedures and avoid the mistakes that kill your nuts/seedlings but that information is here for you to read or ask for help.

I am not against nurseries, they provide a valuable service, but you can grow your own for a great savings. Buying from a nursery cost more but you are buying a tree that is more mature - maybe one year or two years older.

Get in the game and enjoy the ride. :)
Picked up a few willow oak acorns today most were duds but got a few. Be great for turkeys and the deer at my in-laws house seem to like them. Had quite a bit of scat under the tree.

Also found a few mystery red oak acorns not sure what kind.


Got a few white oak acorns as well.

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Just wanted to bring this up as I am sure that people both want nuts/seed and other have surplus.......I for one have a bunch of what I believe are English Oaks or some hybrid of them....either way they are a white oak that puts on TONS of acorns! I will be planting some myself, but I don't need a full gallon of acorns! Hah!

The acorns I have are referenced in this thread under Tree 2:
Cleaning out my fridge........I am at capacity for nut planting and am going to be dumping what I have left. If anyone wants some nuts, let me know.

I have SWO, maybe a few Burr, DCO (not sure on their shape), maybe some sawtooths, persimmon, shingle oak, and maybe some others...I'll dig into them and get a better list but I wanted to get them out sooner than later if possible.
I'll have an extra 25 white oaks (two year old) from Indiana's DNR tree nursery in a week or two. Would love to swap for some DCO's or SWO seedlings or paw paw seeds.
I'll have an extra 25 white oaks (two year old) from Indiana's DNR tree nursery in a week or two. Would love to swap for some DCO's or SWO seedlings or paw paw seeds.
I should be able to hook you up with some paw-paw come late summer if your still interested then, but I'm fresh out at the moment.
Still interested in some hybrid willows if someone has some.

I can get you all that you want Cas but I will need some advice on care and shipping. But then again, I may be close enough to meet you somewhere. I just take cuttings, put them in a bucket of water until they root and then plant. I don't know the variety of willow but it is fast growing. I will try to get a photo of the donor trees for you. Been wanting to try some truncheon size ones.

Here you go, some of them are starting to break bud so let me know if you want any. I can cut some and put them in the fridge. These were all grown from cuttings in my back yard and have been cut back several times.


Still early but never to early to start asking around I guess! Looking for some paw-paw, Osage Orange, Persimmon and IF possible maybe even an Arkansas Black! I will have lots of white oak and red oak, along with a fair amount of chestnuts if anyone is interested! Can't wait for the official swap thread.
Mitch123 I will have plenty of persimmon. I have never gathered any hedge apple before. I can get them how do you get the seeds out of them. What kind of chestnuts do you have?

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