Inventory for Resale

Hey Jack,

Very helpful. I read the message 3 times about from 18s to the field - nothing made it. Kind of knowledge that helps immensely. Thanks.

So your transition was - 1. Specialty Tube, 2. To Rootmaker 18 next, 3. One Gallon RB2 next 4. Graft with Female Scion 5. To field or to sell if I am thinking for my possible path.

Additional benefit, your graft tool was good for apples and pears (both more forgiving regarding cambium alignment.

In the past I had purchased persimmon seeds from Cliff England one time. I got sidetracked after one year with the persimmon.

I am going to try that Grafting Tool Thread Link. As always you are a wealth of knowledge - I be most grateful here in Portland, TN.

The reason I used the specialty tub (just a laundry basket with some wire to support the porous shelf liner) was the huge volume of seed. For most seeds vs nuts, I just sprinkle the seed on the medium in a mesh flat and cover it with a light covering of media. You can get many seeds in a small area. That way, I'm not wasting an 18 on seeds that don't germinate.

For the ones that I thought were too small to graft the first year, I transplanted them into 3 gal RB2 for that growing season. My personal experience with all trees has been:

1) 18s to the field - Almost if not zero success. Even if a tree lived it was a poor tree.
2) 1 gal RB2 to the field - Good success. Most trees survived and some of them thrived.
3) 3 gal RB2s to the field - Great success. Almost all trees survive and most of them thrived.

One caveat here. My trees get zero maintenance once planted in the field. No watering, fertilizer, pruning, or anything. Most trees did get some kind of protection, either a tube or cage, depending on the kind of tree. If you provided better care than I did for trees in the field, you might get better results from 1 gal trees.