Acorn Season 2020

Here's a picture of some sawtooths at camp. The one on the left end of the cabin with the green roof drops in early to mid September. The one on the right end of the other cabin drops in Early to mid October, and the one just to the right of it is my latest one, often dropping acorns as late as Nov. 15. The early dropper is the youngest of the three. I think it is only around 8 years old and was started by planting an acorn right where it is. The other two are close to 10 years old I think. I never recorded the dates I planted stuff, but I know they aren't more than 10. The early dropper tends to drop all its acorns within a week to ten day period. The other two take much longer, trickling off.Camp 8-10-20.jpg
Some of those acorns that you sent me are now out of their tubes and putting on, as you say, new growth with our recent rains. I'm a long ways from having Georgia acorns in NY, but there's still a chance! We also picked up a new property last year that's full of mature red and white oaks; quite a difference from reclaimed farmland. If this COVID thing ever ends and you and your family get up to NY, make sure to give me a shout! Lady O has kings stacked up waiting for you...