Farmhunter's Habitat Managment and Improvements

Very nice!
You certainly have a nice variety to offer the deer and other critters.
Nice to see so many PTT that late into the winter.
Beautiful picture of the plowed ground and the mountains in the background! Good to see you are getting a head start on plowing.

Farmhunter, your place must me a lot drier than ours. I haven't dared use our tractors--the side by sides and atv are making a terrible mess all on their own and in 4wd (can't imagine what heavy tractors would do).

Same issues here. I'm enjoying all the work I've gotten done a month earlier this year but my roads have paid the price. Extra work with the box blade in my future...
thanks guys, the veiw down the valley is a favorite its down to the right (SW) from the South Tower. Down the hill to the left (SE) is a natural lake - I'll try to get a picture up of that too - are right on top this hill at 1650 ft - a couple in the distance approach 1800ft - so not really mountains - but we have some nice topography.

Some of the fields were too wet when I started, and were barely plowable on day three - it took me three days; 7 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours - to plow about 6 acres total. the fall plots I usually spray and disk - instead of plowing. This plow has inexpensive replaceable points, and shares (IH 420 I think). Others look like this one but take a one piece plow point and they can be a couple hundred dollars if you can find them at all. This plow also has a snap back device on each plow the fold back if it gets stuck on a big rock or tree root.
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I did find one of my goal buck's sheds in a thicket - Alex. Somehow his buddy, Busters Boy's sheds have eluded me.
these are some sheds I found at the farm this year. I found sheds from 4 bucks at the farm this season and then it got green and farmwork became a priority. I also search other areas near my house - we lose the snow a little earlier than at the farm, and I found 10 total this season.



I have his set from last year - he shows up in the late season - I never get velvet pics of this buck in 2 years of knowing him - but hes on all the winter and late season cams.

Here's the Lake SE of the South Tower - I can get some decent pics of it from the South border hedgerow.



Sometimes I wish I built the cabin overlooking the lake - but I really didn't want to be on the border.
Love seeing a plow all shined up! Wish I'd kept my old 3 bottom mounted plow-it was super easy to maneuver into tight spots. I plowed backyard gardens with it, I'm sure it would work great for food plots.

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I had a three bottom plow same as this - but without any cutting disks up front. It was great plowing where the beans were - but it couldn't turn over sod the tractor just didn't have enough umph (54hp).
Beautiful countryside. You new york guys have changed my view of that state. If NYC would just succeed from the union
Got a mid May turkey hunt in with a buddy - we got it done the 1st morning out -

With all the May rain - and some cold in the forecast - we didn't get the corn in until the end of the month. Still before Memorial Day- which is always our corn goal, Using 86 day corn. - we leave it all for the deer - only about 2.5 acres planted in 2 spots this year.

disking to plant the corn 5/27


we broadcast fertilizer prior to planting corn - no way to side dress it.

planting the soybeans 6/3 - the high spots were DRY - the low - too wet to plant - so much rain!! Planted 11 bags of soybeans on about 6 acres - Found shed #11 of the year - in this field - only one I found this year while planting.

Also Spring-planted an oats/clover plot a bit more than 1 acre. I prefer fall - but couldn't wait in this spot - had to level out a bunch of ruts here so -spring it is.
No pics yet - will check it out soon.

Heading up this coming weekend to see how it all looks - to put stuff away - and to put the mowing equipment on the old WD. We will plan on spraying Gly around 7/4. Also that will be the 1st real mow date for clovers -

Cabin all opened up for 2017 -

a quick look at the trees planted behind the south tower - some of those larch are 20 ft tall already!!
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a few more Late Spring pics


1st mowing - couple spots - clover


some corn up - 6-11-17



going to be a good apple year

and fawns are a bit more visibible now-
A couple fields were washed out with some serious cloudbursts -


this one is the worst- this is planted with soybeans- will see if it ends up viable. Bean seeds are in there somewhere!