The Land of Milk and Honey

Extended doe season here ends on Sunday. That's the last time you can take any deer. I do know he has shrunk to a tiny core area and he is safe either way. It's not 100% yet, but i'd say he is safe until next year.
Can’t wait till you hopefully find those sheds this year!
Can’t wait till you hopefully find those sheds this year!
Yeah, I'm ready to get after it. I have his core area nailed down. It's on the neighbor's where I can't shed hunt, but he travels through our place or another neighbor where I can. I found his right side and a spike from his left side last year. Hoping with the food I can keep him around a little more this year. He shed on January 26th last year. Wouldn't surprise me if it were earlier this year.
Thought I might try to make life a bit easier on the poor suckers. I know they probably don’t need it, but I bet they will take it. With any luck, tomorrow it’s time to fell a few elms for browse.


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In preparation for drilling in my NWSG buffers, I needed to take care of a few trees that were overhanging or otherwise preventing me from getting the tractor where I wanted. Picked up a little DeWalt battery powered chainsaw as I can’t get the truck there. That thing is neat. I got the whole west side of the field ready. Need to use the pole saw on the South side. North and East are in pretty good shape.

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