Fall Plot Planting and Rain Forecast

blessings counted, the little spot of orange and yellow southwest of portsmouth is setting on me right now. I didn't get much rain yesterday but that could change today, I hear more thunder approaching.

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I'm all for sharing but you might have to come to Kentucky to get it. That last cloud that just went through put an inch in my gauge, creeks are flowing and shrooms will be popping.

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Who will stop this rain????????

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Not Mother Nature, it is looking a bit soggy down your way. Raining up here too. might well throw some more seeds out.


Good idea. I'm seriously considering just going ahead and planting the whole thing. Accuweather Forecast is:

Thursday (Today) - 97%
Friday - 99%
Saturday - 23%
Sunday - 96%
Monday - 88%
Tuesday - 80%
Wednesday - 55%
And above 50% for the following Sunday and Monday
There can be other issues with plantings I’ve had in past. I fear to post this since many are in a drought.
We have had over 10 inches of rain in the last couple wks. With that comes cool cloudy skies. While I’m glad to have rain I actually had a brassica failure a similar year. Brassica love heat and sun almost more than moisture if thatch is present.
I’ll prob make it to farm in a few days and see how the brassica is doing. If it fails like anything always have that backup plan.
Obviously can’t stress enough of improving OM , presence of thatch in drought or monsoon , an never bare soil exposure.

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You have offended me dogghr !:eek: I’m currently pumping water in my pond from my son’s water well so the ticks on my catfish will drown. :D

Seriously, I’m just glad he has a water well for me to pump from ! I don’t know what the electric bill is gonna look like though……..
Here you go guys. This first one is starting from scratch after a Gly kill and planted just before the rain. The tallest stuff is some buckwheat and beans that I put in to sweeten it up a little, but all the fall species are coming up good too. I'm looking for some good fall attraction here and by next spring I'm hoping this will end up as a nice chicory and clover plot.



Here is a monoculture of existing clover that I killed the grass in with Cleth about a month ago. This left some holes, and I seeded a smorgasbord into it just before the rain - and scalped it with the mower. The clover has bounced back and the holes are filling in nicely.



I was cheated out of the rain that they promised last night and my 1/2" for today has turned to sunshine.

There are plenty of folks in the hills of Kentucky that received more rain than they cared for.

That is a nice buffet, Native.

I was too busy photographing pets and forgot to photograph my greens when I was up yesterday.

I'm about out of seeds.

Not to worry about my seeds getting dry. The forecast changed to a slight chance for scattered showers. I'd say a good chance and they are not scattered, they are all on top of me, pouring again right now.

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I’m trying something new this year. I planted black beans in my garden and they have done so well that I’m going to see if the deer like them at all.


Garden black beans.

Just spread some store bought black beans and mowed the grass down on top of them.


Just a small little area to test.

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