Fall Plot Planting and Rain Forecast

As my Should I throw and mow thread indicated I was betwixt and between on what to do this year.
1. Folks don't like for you to plow
2. I believe seed needs good ground contact
3. Every year we plant and hope for rain. Normally doesn't come for long time in September
4. Corn is now legal
5. Corn and Seed and Fertilizer are very expensive!!
6. I wanted to try Subterranean clover and Daikin radish this year. Supposed to grow in shade but there goes the food plot budget

So, I scratched a few small places with old times disc, and mowed short what was growing in most plots ( I let them go to seed during summer)
We saw a rain coming for Wednesday Oct 12. So on 11th broadcast clover and radish in shady spots scratched earlier. Broadcast wheat and fertilizer to one spot where there is no feeder but good deer travel. I was going to fertilize the mowed spots but at $25 per bag I decided to save it for vegetable garden. Man cannot eat by venison alone, there must be tomatoes.

We will see what happens and enjoy a season with grandkids no matter what.