Elbon Rye


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Simple question. I’ve always been a wheat guy for my fall plots, and as I’m changing my methods up going forward (if I can get it to work) I will be changing over to rye grain mainly for its allelopathic properties. I’ve planted a little rye in years past and always bought Elbon rye. Is this what you guys use, or is there another variety that’s better ?
Pretty sure that's what we use. Does triticale have the same allopathic properties?
I think Elbon is maybe a taller variety. I've never really worried about specific ryes. I just get whatever I can get.
VNS WR works just fine for me. I only buy branded when cheaper VNS is not available.
I'm planting 6-10 acres in rye each fall, to save money I just go to a local farmer or the feed mill and buy it right out of the combine. Yes, there may be weed seed, but I have no shortage of weeds anyway. Weeds are deer food as well, and since rye is allelopathic it suppresses weeds, especially grasses, which is a huge bonus for me.