Fall plot mix Zone 8


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Weekender got me to thinking, but rather than clutter up his thread, I decided to start another. I’m generally a wheat guy in the fall, because the deer seem to like it and I’ve not found anywhere it won’t grow and grow well. I usually throw in a small amount of AWP but I really can’t say that I’ve noticed any advantage to that or evidence that the deer actually eat them. Let me say up front that these plots will be disked as the hogs eat anything on top except clover size seeds. And....I’ve never had any luck with brassicas. Got good crops, but at the end of the season they were untouched. So I’m thinking my mainstay will still be wheat, but I’d like to add some variety to the plots. I planted MRC last fall, it looked good through the winter, but failed to flourish come spring. The wheat may have overwhelmed it, I don’t know. I’d like to try it again, and back off the wheat some, (I put 60/70 lb. on a 3/4 acre plot) but I’d like to hear some other suggestions for variety.

Chicory ?
Daikon radish ?
Or ????
Since we are in a similar zone I'll chime in. My go to fall hunting plot mix this year will be:
50 lbs wheat
3 lbs daikon radishes
1 lb turnips --mostly for the soil as don't see much deer activity on them

This is drilled into existing clover fields that are dormant in winter. I mow in spring to let clover take over. If I didn't have clover in the field I absolutely would add it as that adds months to the fields value. Lately I've been having good luck with Red Ace red clover but Durana is always a consideration. After that numerous options as determined by what works best in your area/soil

I am west of you in Van Zandt county and have had good success with Craig Harper mixes( "Try these cool season food plot mixes")
that can be found online

Brassicas are picturesque but are ignored

Any and all peas(AWP ,I&C cowpeas) are hammered at germination!!

Seems like oats would be a good companion to the wheat, along with an annual clover. Testing by Craig Harper and University of Tennessee showed their local deer preferred Berseem clover more than other varieties. As you know, WINA adds Berseem clover to their famous Imperial Clover mix for early attraction while their proprietary ladino clovers get established. Also, the guys at Deerbuilder.com tested Blackhawk arrowleaf clover last season and said it grew like crazy out of the gate and the deer hammered it in Sep and Oct in NY state. They planted around July 4th. In TX, with a later planting date, it would almost certainly go much deeper into the season.

I’ve purchased a trio of Frosty Berseem, Fixation Balansa and Blackhawk Arrowleaf clovers to experiment with this fall in my WR and BFO plots.
I've mixed in sunflowers into my Fall mix before and had good luck. They don't mature of course but they sure are a good draw for the deer. For that Matter My sunflowers planted in Spring don't mature either as they get eaten while they are young and tender. Lots of crude protein in sunflowers also.