Cover Crop Seeding Rate for Fall-planted Clover


I'm going to to use rye and oats as a cover crop for clover this fall. What seeding rate is good for these grains as a cover? I'm thinking 60-100 pounds per acre (combined total between rye & oats).
50# rye/25# oats. You could easily get away with 50 of each if your in an area where the oats will winter kill.
As a cover crop, I use 50 lbs of grain. If mixing oats and rye, I'd be using 25 lbs of each per acre.
You don't say how you are planting. If tillage, you can easily stay at lower rates but broadcasting, then up the rates. Heck I've used 100# each of WR or WW and Oats before with tillage with no problem. For one thing, except in the south, the oats will die out after first couple freezes , and that is if the deer haven't already demolished that candy. The WR is going to die out the next summer and leave behind your clover so it is not really and issue and the deer love it in fall and its early spring green up. And talk about a weed free plot, heavy amounts certainly gives you that. Good luck.
I've used just 50 lbs of rye by itself when I was wanting a perennial clover plot. When i do the LC grain mix then I add the oats and radish in.