"Whitetail Hollow" - 90 Acres NE Oklahoma.

Of course we couldn't just quit on the fence. We had the southern along the road boundary done and our north neighbor had an old cow fence up but now both sides of our 65 acre side of the road were still wide open...

Back to work!






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I'm impressed. Great looking fence. Not sure how I missed reading about it on the old forum.
Challenging sections left for last...fence took about a month with us working on it on weekends. Most days just a couple of us... Lots of the holes dug were in sections we couldn't get tractor to...




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Only little divet we had while fencing other than the terrain and the cut lock was when we got to the section next to the west neighbor. The adult sons had quite a trail into our place from that house and when we went in to start fencing they decided to shoot guns every time we went by on the dozered fence row in our property. Dozer man never had any trouble because they weren't home when he did his work through there.

This is a photo of me headed to talk to them about watching what direction they were firing after they scared my wife when she came to us on the atv.


Turns out they were twin boys in early 20's even though I thought they were younger at the time. Over the past couple years they have really calmed down...

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I found a shed I believe the first few days of ownership.


And then a few weeks later on my birthday I was driving my daughter and grandsons through the property and I spied something from the truck window...




More on this set of sheds later...

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I early March I decided to plant some loblolly seedlings from our state nursery so I took my dibble at and put in about 300 along the road fence for screening...



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Are you gonna have to build that fence all over again? Glad we have a place to land and start over.
Tired already on that fence deal but looking back I can't think of any dollars better spent than those post, wire, and quickrete... Been here 2 years now and only cut a footprint once on our place when the west neighbors came over to check it out when we dozed in the north plot. Other than that the place has absolutely been crickets with plotwatchers and trail cams out 24/7/365...
Glad to see this thread here...great story. I'm planning on moving my land tour thread over so I can keep it going.

I love the land tours...my favorite aspect of these forums and with the new Tap a Talk feature you guys are going to feel like you are in the tree with me this fall because pictures can be sent in almost real time!
Hey--I know you!

glad to see ya here Johnny

Yes sir...how are you doing buddy? I need to make it to your part of the country to see how it's done on flat ground some day :)

Glad you are a moderator...not a more level headed guy do I know...
Hey Kubota, you're off to a fast start! Great pics and glad to see you here.

Thank you sir... I am robbing my stuff off QDMA site as fast as I can before I can't... This version will be more condensed until I get caught up but I hope to hit the highlights. I am anxious to see the "Brushpile" thread continue on...a must read for folks that started with open pasture and want to turn it into "habitat" instead of just food plots...

I started with the opposite. Wasn't a clearing on our whole place you could fit a pickup truck in other than a very dim logging trail...
I'm impressed. Great looking fence. Not sure how I missed reading about it on the old forum.

It was pretty much the same as it is here. It was when my 80 acre land thread began over there. I pretty much wore people out with "fencing" pictures and post so I have greatly condensed it here. I was pretty bummed when I heard about QDMA forum going away but now we have a fresh start and I think my writing style has improved since I began that old thread on QDMA...

Thank you for doing this for us and thanks to the gentleman providing the forum for us...we need to keep this forum alive!
I went by the Coop and they had a summer mix I decided to try with my clover so I bought a couple bags that had millet, milo, peas, soybeans and corn. 240 lbs of pellet lime and 150 lbs of triple 13...trail cam got pics...all hand spread and disked in with the tractor...





Had a little tree cutting to do too...


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