"Whitetail Hollow" - 90 Acres NE Oklahoma.


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Hi folks - a bunch of you knew me as Kubota over on the QDMA site and may remember my land tour thread. I am going to try and get it going over here now...

It all started off with my Aunt and Uncle buying the property in 1976. It is a rectangular 80 acres that runs S/N in a pretty much unbroken forest of around 3000 or so acres. The property has a county roan that splits 15 acres off the south end from the rest. The N neighbor has about 30 acres of land they cleared MANY years ago that they run cattle on that is gradually being reclaimed by the forest. I remember when I was in my teens going up with my uncle to check the place out in fall/winter. He used to have an old wooden cattle trough he had set up in the woods and he put some sweet feed in it for the deer. In all the years they had it he only killed 1 small 7 pointer off of the property. He was strictly a meat hunter but he liked big horns but would not pass deer if another one was in front of him.

My uncle had a neighbor on his west side that had made a driveway that cut through a good size portion of my uncles land to go around the head of a hollow to his house which is roughly halfway along the property line on the westside and 80 feet from the property line. This neighbor was also known as the poachingest individual in the country back in those days. He shot everything he saw and deer were very scarce anywhere around. My uncle tore multiple wooden deer stands down he had built on this 80 and ran him off every chance he got. Whenever my uncle would go up to go hunting the neighbor would decide that was a great time to shoot all of his guns either all morning or all evening.

My uncle told the neighbor numerous times to move his driveway but he wouldn't do it. My uncle cut trees across it and strung wire across it so the neighbor would cut the trees up or cut the wire so 1 day my Uncle had enough and he hired a backhoe while the neighbor was gone to work and had them dig a huge hole across that driveway. The neighbor ended up having to build their own driveway across that hollow after that.

My uncle died in 1997 and my aunt never went up to the property so I would go check on it a couple times a year to make sure nobody was dumping, cutting wood or 4 wheeling on it. In December 2013 I found 2 things. A red Dodge pickup with a blown out rear tire stuck in the hole my uncle had dug across the old driveway and a realtor sign on the 15 acre side of the road. I called my aunt to tell her about the truck and the sign. She wasn't real interested in the truck but was interested in the sign. She told me she didn't have it listed but was thinking about listing it. I asked her how much and she told me how much she would sell it to me for. My wife and I made a split second decision to buy...


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Glad to see you Kubota. People will enjoy your deer heads as well as your land management.
Are you gonna have to build that fence all over again? Glad we have a place to land and start over.
Glad to see this thread here...great story. I'm planning on moving my land tour thread over so I can keep it going.
Really glad to see that this one is continuing on. One of my favorites off the old forum.

lakngulf, I was thinking the same thing ;)
As soon as we came to the conclusion to purchase the property I decided to set a few trail cams up. Every time I went into the property I would see dogs roaming around but there was quite a few rubs so I hoped there were deer around still...

These are some of the first photos I got from my camera which I hid very well because I feared it being stolen...




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The last 2 bucks I posted pics of piqued my interest and more on those 2 later...

I spent a lot of time looking at sign on the property before our closing date...


And looking at all the wonderful structure the property held...




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To say I was starting to get excited would be an understatement. I had been up to this property perhaps 30 or so times over the years when my aunt and uncle bought it and never really thought it was a good deer hunting property because of all the trouble my uncle had with the next door poacher. There was never a formal survey of the property while they owned it and no fence lines other than a 1/4 mile section on the north side.

Anybody could come into the property from pretty much anywhere... I know a lot of folks on this board and others properties are like this but in Oklahoma it is almost impossible to keep trespassers out and for sure impossible to keep free ranging livestock out without a fence! So I started making plans...

We closed on the property January 30th 2014 and scheduled a surveyor to start the 14th of February and a dozer operator to begin the 15th. My wife and I rounded up some friends and we met out there on the 14th with trailer loads of supplies and my beloved Kubota tractor to start a fence...


When we arrived the dozer man had already cleared along the county road portion that runs through our property so we began our fencing project along the road.



First post set on new property...


Drilling post holes...


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This is the part lakngulf was joking about on his post about "building that fence all over again" lol...






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We worked the first full weekend fencing that 1400 ft along the county road to start securing the borders...


First gate located right where dodge truck was stuck...


My crew "watching" me work ;)




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By the end of the weekend we had the road side fenced blocking the county road on the "big" side of our property which is where we were going to hunt. At that time really had no plans for the other side of the road pictured here...




More on that later...

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We locked the gate up and felt pretty good about our first weekend. I had the dozer man push out a small food plot so the following Saturday decided to try to clean it up and get seed in the ground...

When I arrived at the gate I found this...




Someone had cut our lock off and opened the gate. I called the sherif and then my wife to have her pick up a heavier chain and lock. Report was taken and I spoke with our new west neighbor on our west side. She lives there with her adult sons. The man my uncle had trouble with had gotten foreclosed on years ago and she had bought it from the bank. I mentioned I would have pictures of whoever did this in the future... Never another issue...

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Had to push a couple trees out I had dozer leave because in afterthought they weren't going to work out...



After I got the plot fairly smooth, picked up all the sticks and cut a bunch of roots I started putting down clover seed on this virgin forest soil with no amendments or soil test...I know, blasphemy...right...


Barduro red clover in a strip around the outside and the rest of the plot in Durana white clover...

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While the dozer was there pushing the plot I noticed we had some good clay below the topsoil so I had him build us a small pond in 30 minutes at the edge of the plot...


After I left that day it snowed then melted quickly. When I came back it had this snowmelt in it...


This is a photo of our first version of our first small dozer plot...


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