What did I plant


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Hey guys I could use some expertise here.i planted this plot in mid Michigan Aug 1st .about an acre and a half field. One half is imperial whitetail tall tine tubers and the other half is imperial clover whitetail institute. The pictured half is supposed to be clover...what is it? The tubers came in beautifully and are not pictured. Also no bulbs on the bottom of this plant. How can this happen? My other clover plot came in real nice for first year
I'm going to guess its weeds. The clover you planted takes a long time to germinate. Now, if we see the picture....
Best way I have found to do this is to take your pic and snip it and place it into paint or the like and then save as a jpg. This will grossly reduce your file size. Then attach the smaller file.
I'm sorry for my skepticism. First time poster? You're testing us, right? I have very limited information, but it's Tall Tine Tubers, isn't it?
Lol.no test I promise you.the tubers are not pictured and are about 4 times the size with golf ball or bigger sized bulbs.these have no bulbs. I can't figure it out.
Some kind of brassica and it looks like it's planted too thick. You will get quantity but not quality(too much competition for nutrients).jmho
Looks like radish to me. Possibly some that has been bread to not produce a very big bulb but put on abundant top growth.
Looks like Winnifred forage brassica.
You sure you grabbed the clover bag instead of a brassica bag? They look a lot alike.
doesn't really look like a brassica I know and plan - not any that have bulbs anyhow. Looks more like a Mustard Green to me. The lower lobes on some of the leaves do make me think it is a brassica family.
Oh I know that plant, that's the Deer Eatem'upolise Plant.

Other than that I really have no clue.