Should I plant winter rye or a brassica mix in my clover this fall?


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I started my food plot last year planting winter rye and a mix of clover. The clover is coming up pretty good now and mowed most of it for the first time last week. Some of the areas are still pretty bare so I didn't mow them and the rye is going to seed. I'm planning on overseeding by doing a throw and mow. Possibly going to lightly till some of the areas that are still pretty bare.

My primary focus is to have just clover and right now I'm more concerned about building the soil nutrition. I definitely want to plant a nurse crop this fall with the clover. Also, want to give the deer some winter nutrition. What do you guys think I should throw in in, a brassica mix, winter rye or both? Definitely don't want to do anything that will hurt the clover. I'll be spraying the whole plot in the spring with slay so anything other than the clover will be killed of by spraying and mowing.
On a new plot like yours, I would probably do a heavy WR. It will help with any weed and grass control while mining minerals to some extent from the soil. I personally leave the rye until it matures the following summer. Great weed suppression and fawning cover. You might overseed clover with it this fall. And you might know, lime if needed per soil test and add 0-20-20 Fert. Slay can be purchased non brand for cheaper cost. Also Slay has residual affect so keep that in mind if you wanting to add brassica for fall planting. Good luck.
Anyone know a rate per acre to add to the clover? I just want to provide some food through the winter and do some soil building. Both will get killed of in the spring.
You could do 100lbs an acre---medium rate. Anywhere from 50-150lbs but it's just how thick do you want it. Winter peas do pretty good also.