What to plant ?

Hi everyone ,
I have been really busy all spring and summer so I haven’t even had time to go look at my plot let alone disc it and replant something .
I’m wondering what I can plant this late and have a decent fall/winter plot? I had planned on planting chicory and white clover this spring but didn’t get it done. Is it too late to put this down?
Not sure which route to go now. I’m in Nova Scotia
Thank you!

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you have time yet to put in brassica mix for fall. I would imagine nova scotia is similar zone to my neck of the woods and many years i haven't planted until mid-august here, but all my plots i don't even throw down Winter Rye until after labor day here and can have lush green plot in week or two. To say there is not time you got plenty. Brassica mix could still do really well assuming get some decent september warmth and rain, be surprised how much that can grow in week or two once it gets established and winter rye is even better 2 weeks of 70 degree weather and still be plenty of growth.

as for you clover question, you got time yet, but clover this fall will barely get going, but come next spring you will be like wow, especially if you frost seed a little bit more in next year, so make sure have nurse crop on top of it like brassicas or winter rye or even some oats for this fall