Throw N Mow thread...

I'm a newbie but maybe you could use a gas fired weedeater in there? Doesn't look too large. Either way the work you do this fall should make next spring easier I would think. At least that is my hope on my spot.
Yes, I did that this spring when I first cleared the mature trees so I may so it again before the season.

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What did you use for seed? As long as you get some rain and the brows pressure isn’t too heavy, your plot should be successful.

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A mix of alsike clover, birdsfoot trefoil, and WI Imperial clover. This is low lying river bottom so I am limited as to what works.

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Do you guys think there is a decent chance of having a good fall plot here? I sprayed last weekend with Sedge Ender and Roundup and then I seeded/limed today. I started mowing, but I blew the gearbox on a couple of small stumps. It's already starting to burn down so will there be enough die off between now and Oct for a solid germination % and some healthy top growth? Weeds were anywhere from 6" to 3 ft tall in some spots, but probably about 12"-24" on average.

I should specify, I'm asking about the stuff that didn't get mowed.


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It doesn't look like you're getting enough sunlight from this pic.
It doesn't look like you're getting enough sunlight from this pic.
It doesn't get full sunlight but this pic was taken a little before 9 AM. It usually gets pretty good mid-day sun from about 10-4.

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My father was at our land and planted this past week since it is his last trip until mid Oct.

We had some good success for the summer, and others - not so well…

Good plots with large thatch to mow down after spreading seeds :

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Some with not great growth in the summer and minimum thatch :


One thing we noticed, the not so great plots were seed bought before pandemic and not able to plant in 2020. We froze the seed like my father does with some of his garden seeds. As you can see, they did not make much mass to be used for thatch. The good plots were 2021 purchased seed.

We also had multiple new plots dozed out of cedar and thorn tree thickets. We spread the seed, then used cedar top to cover the seed. We hope to have good success, now waiting on rain - supposedly some coming this weekend!!!

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Sprayed August 6th, broadcast seed (BW and Jerry oats) August 7th, mowed on the 12th.

Picture from August 6th.


Pictures from August 28th.



I added WW, 4 types of clover, PTT, Radishes, and vetch on the 28th. Received 1.5-3 inches from Ida a few days later.

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Sprayed August 7th, picture from August 28th. Spot sprayed a few small areas on the 28th, broadcast fall seed, mowed on 29th.

Fall seed: WW, WR, Oats, clover x4, vetch, PTT, radish.

Pre mowing


Post mowing


In this case mowing probably wasn’t necessary but it does help shake the seed down. That’s my thought process anyway.

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Sprayed August 6th, planted August 8th (broadcast BW and Jerry oats).

Picture from August 6th


Mowed August 12th


Picture from August 28th. BW, oats, and volunteer vetch (did not expect that) coming in nicely. Added fall foot plot seed to this plot a few days before Ida.


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Talked to my neighbor in KS. Sounds like we got 4" of rain on the plot about a week after planting. Kind of excited to get back out there to see how its doing. Could use one or two more rain showers but that one should have helped a bunch.

Dang, I guess this process may work if we get rain. I killed off a little more than an acre of pretty thick prairie grass. That area also had a number of killed yuccas and cedar stumps. So its kind of rough ground. Only thing I needed was my atv, cropcare sprayer, glyphosate, shoulder seed spreader and my truck. I didn't mow though it probably would look better if I had. The pic above shows good growth with dead yuccas and cedar stump in pic.

Brassicas coming up all over too.

Cereal rye living up to its reputation in this picture.
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Did a little throw and mow on one of my plots today trying to hit the forecast for rain just right. Broadcast the seed. Oats, peas and turnips then ran over everything with the shredder.

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Why would something dig out a yellow jacket hole? Just curious. They don't store honey, do they?
Why would something dig out a yellow jacket hole? Just curious. They don't store honey, do they?

Catscratch nailed it. Attracting raccoons to ground nests is allegedly an effective way to get rid of them. This is a BIG nest!

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That's a tough one. I'll take the ground hornets I think over my coon herd. On another note, watched a large black bear digging up wasp nests up on a mountain in CO one fall. He'd dig, shake is head around I reckon getting stung, and then go back to digging. Hard way to make a living.
Finally started getting rain over the past few weeks, and I was able to stop by the farm on the way to the A&M game. Clover plots are starting to come back with the rains. The new plots are growing but thin due to the deer mowing them down, added exclusion cages to these plots to see exactly how much they are eating.

The last two plots are struggling to keep up since they are new, so we overseeded with some winter rye to help get the ground covered and keep up with the deer munching. I found a couple pounds of leftover spring field peas and buckwheat, so figured why not and threw them out - frost will kill the buckwheat in the next few weeks, but until then let’s see what it does.

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Here is a couple of pictures of our larger fields using the Throw 'n Mow method and seeded three weeks ago Sunday. Timing was great and had good rain the week after planting. We went to the T 'n M method back in '18 and the results are looking great!



Sprayed with Glyphosate about two weeks before planting. Threw the larger seed, WMS TriticOat & AWP, into the standing vegetation, bush hog over the top of the larger seed. Then we threw the smaller seeds, Nitro Radish and Clovers, over the bush hogged thatch and culitpacked for good measure.
My first year throw and drag. It might have been prettier if I had mowed but did the best I could. I learned I need to get the brassicas in the first week of August. And then the cereal rye could go in around 3rd week. But for unbroken ground with seed just thrown, I think it looks okay. Going to go bigger next year I think. And I will mow next year too.