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Maple food plot is still working. 90% of the pictures I had on this camera were bucks. Nothing big yet.




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Like the maple food plot. Planning to do my own box elder and elm plots next spring.
Dropping all of the trees makes a mess but gives instant cover. One problem is it also gives instant cover to the resprouts, as you can see in the picture some are 6-8 feet tall already were the deer can't get to them. The second issue is I had quite a few coon pics running up and down the logs so I might have stacked them a little tight. This winter I may try girdling and not spraying to see if I still get the browse without the mess and still get sun to the ground. This area will see a little fire next spring so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I do have a small section around some oaks that I hacked and hit with triclopyr. They seem unhappy.


Would it be because it’s safer? I prefer the on the ground clusters personally

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He told my father-in-law they like the slow decomposition of the wood, both in the air and on the ground. It creates less ground clutter according to the forester. As many trees as one fella is taking down, brush piles would not be feasible either.
The other thing I worry about is the fuel load around the oaks I am trying to open up. May do a .25 to half acre of girdling to compare. Probably have a 50 x 50 yard area hacked and sprayed. I have about 4 acres of maples on the bottom so plenty to test on!
Went up for youth season this past weekend. Cold and raining so we stuck to box blinds. The big dead tree behind the box on the new addition finally came down. Ripped out one of the support cables but other than that no damage. Glad I wasn't in it at the time.


The brother in law will probably have some feed back for me on my deer numbers, it is showing a little grazing pressure! I have some plot ideas for the area around the blind for next year.


Saw a lot of does no shooter bucks. Starting to see a bunch of scrapes so we moved some cameras around. Kid couldn't stay awake for his last youth season. In Missouri 15 is the cutoff. If I slept like that my neck would hurt for a week, nice to be young.


Just need some tin for the roof on the new rolling stand. About 2 months behind as usual. Don't zoom in, turns out nothing on this old wagon is square! 6'X8' so it will be a little roomier than what we set in this weekend. I may put a shooting bench in this one. Once the corn is cut it is going on one of the bottoms where max shot will be about 325 y. Hopefully if everything goes smooth this week I can head back up to bow hunt and finish this up before rifle opens on the 11th.


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Wagon blind looks good.I read your first few posts then skipped to end.How is your CRP doing?I saw you had broomsedge and your CRP looked short.What is your soil quality?
Wagon blind looks good.I read your first few posts then skipped to end.How is your CRP doing?I saw you had broomsedge and your CRP looked short.What is your soil quality?
Not great hence the broomsedge and crp! We had it sprayed for sericia this year so I may be hurting for Forbes next year. I have some 6 foot tall Indian grass and some big blue that I think will take off without the SL. The part that didn’t burn this spring will get torched next spring.
Finally got the wagon done with a whole week to spare before rifle season. Brother in Law hasn't cut the corn on the bottom yet so I just unhooked it up in the CRP where I have a little range. Once the corn comes out I'll drag it down the hill for late season. Probably not done with the inside but it is good enough for now. Tried a little bow hunting and had two 3 year old bucks within 20 yards but not seeing anything big yet. Hopefully rifle season gets them stirred up and they come hang out in my standing corn.





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Finished out the rifle season with no antlers. I did go up for a 3 day weekend and got some traps set. Threw in 6 cat sets, 3 beaver/otter sets, and a couple of coon traps. First morning I had this young bobcat. Basically a really loud dirt hole with some pheasant feathers dangling above it. Trap was a 4 coiled MB 550.


I decided to shoot a doe out of the wagon in the CRP before checking traps, so I had a lot of skinning to do. Small beaver, probably 30 pounds, was caught in the river with a 330 conibear. First cat I have caught so the nephew is going to try to tan it. I may also tan the beaver.


So that afternoon I moved the wagon down to the bottom. We got about 5 inches of snow that night.


Made for some pretty hunting, but didn't see a deer. This box blind is liable to make me soft!


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