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My deer came back negative for CWD already. Boy's buck is still pending. We are required to get all deer harvested on opening weekend tested. They do have one positive in the county so far this year.
Added a little more winter feed this past weekend. Up to about 1/3 of an acre. Dropping silver maples. Tordon was for a few girdled trees. The dropped tree stumps where left untreated. Left 8-10 6” oaks.



Two days later I have some customers


The area around it had a little sign but I think they are just passing through, not much to hold them yet.


If the ice melts for next trip I may work on these guys some.


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The bucks the kid and I shot this year are on the wall. Paying someone for euro mounts looks cheaper every time!

Also found the chestnut burr above still hanging on the tree. 2 nuts going to see if they will grow for some 2nd generation stock. Didn’t find any others so the wildlife must have figured out that they were food!

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I planted 5 Chestnut trees in jan 2013. They have produced well for three years now. Three years later another dozen. I am ready for them to perform!
Yearly burn. Did around 25 acres mostly CRP and old field with a little timber on the side. Little more exciting than I like with 25% RH and 10-15 SSE winds. Jumped the line a few places and expanded the unit but nothing fire department worthy. All the really big fire I did as video not sure how to get those on here off the i phone. Torched some 25 ft tall cedars which put on a good show.




The aftermath...........





Probably one of the better burns we have had. Kids blind had to be moved a little, still a little warm in it usual spot when we went to set it back up!


This guy gave it until the next day to show up to the BBQ.


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Well after having turkeys all over the cameras the first week of season, the kid and I got our butts kicked the second weekend. Not a gobble. Heading back up to try to do better this weekend. Cedars didn't enjoy the fire as much as I did. Interesting how it will burn right underneath one and then the next one explodes in flames to the crown.


CRP is greening back up. Looks like we top killed a lot of AO. Wouldn't you want to strut here if you were a turkey?


Some of it got real hot. It will probably sprout back from the root but it is going to have some good dead fuel setting on it for the next round.


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Finally found a bird to shoot. Had a few gobblers on camera the first week of season then it went dry. Spent 3 mornings on this place without hearing a gobble. Got this one in an ate down cattle pasture. Not sure what to do to make the place more appealing to turkeys?


First bird with the red dot on the Benelli. I like it. No making sure your head is in the right place on those awkward shot angles. We will see how hard it is to get the speedbead mount back off the gun now that season is over.


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I like your sight set up. I have a mirage on my front bead and if I line up the mirage and the front bead, I shoot over the turkey's head. Congratulations on the bird.

First fawn of the year on camera.


First time I have had turkeys and a coon in the same picture. Should have made more time to trap.


Hopefully I will make it up to mow some paths and spray some AO regrowth in a couple of weeks.

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Regrowth from the fire is around knee high. Plenty of good forbs but enough Sericia that I might have to have it sprayed. Too much for my little ATV Sprayer. I did hit the AO regrowth with a stout mix of glyphosate and 2-4D. Looks like we might have actually killed some pretty good sized AO, but I will wait until fall to see for sure. Got a few oaks and definitely a lot of cedars. Hopefully I can do a growing season burn in the late summer early fall next round - probably a year if not 2.





Put a new trail down through the timber with a little chainsaw work and the finish mower.

Mowed the weeds out of a few clover plots. Very dry in NE MO. They had a couple of 1/10's yesterday by the time I headed back west.


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Had the CRP sprayed for Sericia. They used Grazon and Remedy. We will see, might be pretty thin by fall. If it is like my spot sprays of Pasture guard I may have 20 acres of foxtail. They thought it would get the AO resprouts. The mix I sprayed last round seemed to work.


The west side has a little more native growth.


Had some cheat grass in an old clover plot. Cleared it the easy way, sprayed the rest with gly and seeded turnips and radishes. Now just need some rain.


Baking cobbler as I type.


Water company ground their right of way. Might have made me a new food plot. Problem is it's fairly close to the road.


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