Steel buildings - lasts longer?

I'm planning to construct a garage near my house in Toronto,Canada. I heard that the steel buildings lasts longer when compared with the others. Is it true? Can I get your suggestions on this? First, I thought the other way round. But, now I'm confused! Would like to have your expert guidance.
I was searching for the details of steel buildings which was having a good design. I saw few pics at Any more to add? If it has more efficiency, then I would go for it anyway. Before that, I wish to know the pros and cons of using it.
Thanks in advance
Why would you think steel buildings would not last?

Is there another building material you were looking at that you thought would last longer?

Having said that, here in Oklahoma Pole Barns wrapped in metal are the norm and are very long lasting since the metal protects all of the wood.
There are stone structures that are still standing after thousands of years, wood structures that are hundreds of years old, and no doubt steel structures that will outlast you and I, but so much depends on climate and more importantly proper maintenance. Lose the roof or the foundation and you will lose the structure over time.
With the new restrictions on wood treatment I would check the warranty on the wood posts or use perma piller,which is concrete with a fitting on top for the wood post
Are you by chance trying to say metal building
One with wood framing and trusses versus
one with all metal frame and trusses

If so ...then in your area you will need to look at wind loading and snow loading to determine which gives the best solution for the $$

Treated wood ..set on/in concrete piers would eliminate the rot would have to determine locally if termites or wood bees are an item of concern in your area

Good Luck ...a great shed/toy department is a joyful thing what you want ...then add 25% to the size will never regret it

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