Immediate Evergreen screen advice


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Hi all..... Our archery season just closed so I'm back to pick your brains.
due to some timber work I need to screen a field edge and looking for TRULY deer resistant varieties. I tried hybrid willow and poplar cuttings. They took, and then the deer took them. They are now destroyed little sticks in the ground. (I had them caged but obviously not good enough. I found one of the cages a 1/2 mile away on top of the mountain. I had cam pics of it stuck to a young bucks antler and fell off up there.) I tried bare root seedling Norways. They got destroyed. I'm done with the little stuff...

I am looking to buy balled evergreens. About 6 foot. Going to use the skiddy with the auger to plant. Any suggestions on what may survive in a high deer density area? I'd really like a cedar, arborvitae (More columnar) look as opposed to a typical "xmas tree" look. However, if it survives I will try anything. Going to plant them close in staggered rows to create it. Eventually I will try some native shrub species in and around to soften it a little.

Area is about 300 feet long that I need to do. Height only needs to be about 8-10 foot at maturity to completely do the job.

Thanks in advance!
Can you get the big cedars to transplant? They are the one i go with the most. Deer dont eat them here. They grow on rocks. Transplant well. Spacing would be closer requiring more transplants. Every 5 feet you're looking at 60 of them.
Arborvitae is a good choice if you dont deal with bagworms. Where im at, they would be destroyed by them without spraying.
Will be watching this thread with interest. We have an area that needs to be screened yesterday. We tried norway plugs, and so few survived I can confidently call the effort an utter failure.