Clearing land and laying out new food plots. Advice on where to begin

Thats exactly what I plan on doing. Once we get the land cleared to the size we want spraying to kill of the remaining plants before planting our crops. I am not sure how much we will get done this season. I think around January or February going back in and dropping some of the larger maples and other trees to open up the canopy and give the deer something to browse on late in the season
I would cut any trees high for 2 reasons.
1) if you try to push the stumps out, a high stump will give you leverage.
2) short stumps hide in new growth. If you come back to mow or till/disk, youre gonna find stumps the hard way.
Yeah I learned that lesson, fortunately we do have access to a excavator and a bulldozer, and I own a backhoe, time seems to be the one thing we are short of